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Market Research Digest - 24th September 2003

Attunity releases Web Services Gateway for mainframe data sources and legacy applications

The Attunity Web Services Gateway provides simple definition and seamless deployment of legacy functions as standard Web Services. The Web Services Gateway is an integrated component of the Attunity Connect product family and works with all the Attunity Adapters to provide a single, unified solution. Features include:
  • Automatic Web Service Generation
  • Prebuilt Adapters to Legacy Systems (the Attunity Adapter Framework)
  • Federated Data Access
  • Complete Life-Cycle Management using the Attunity Studio

See Attunity press release.

CatchFIRE Systems UK launch and web survey continue to get media coverage

New Media Age picks up the story with an item online and in the print magazine.

Coyote Point launches Gigabit L7 enabled load balancer for under $10k

Priced at $5,995 and $9,995 respectively, the E350 and E450 offer full-featured layer 7 load balancing (including cookie-based persistence, cookie stuffing, and URL load balancing) and support an unlimited number of 16 (E350) or 64 (E450) server clusters. A hardware SSL acceleration module is also available. Coyote Point claims the E450 can support up to 4 million simultaneous connections.

See press release.

Isn't it amazing how the price of load balancers just keeps on tumbling...

DataMirror supports Teradata

DataMirror has added Teradata to the list of databases supported by its flagship Transformation Server product, which already included DB2 UDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and XML data sources across UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Window NT/2000/XP, IBM OS/400, OS/390 and z/OS.

See DataMirror release.

That helps DataMirror in its key business intelligence segment, by bringing one of the established data warehousing leaders properly into the DataMirror fold. Data warehousing has always been an important part of the DataMirror story. Now, why did it take so long?

Sonic Software completes "Sonic Business Integration Suite"

Sonic Orchestration Server, Sonic XML Server and Sonic Integration Workbench complement the capabilities of Sonic ESB to provide sophisticated business process management, XML processing, storage and query, and an integrated toolset.

Sonic claims to be the world's fastest growing integration and middleware company and says it "counts global leaders among over 500 customers in financial services, energy, telecommunications and manufacturing".

See Sonic press release.

In a fit of un-originality, Greg O'Connor (Sonic's president) says that "Sonic once again raises the bar for integration technology". Can we all agree to forgo the high jump metaphor, once and for all? It really has been done to death (hell, even I have used it). Perhaps we can go back to just moving the goalposts as usual...

Tibco announces new technology roadmap

Launching what it calls "The Predictive Enterprise - A Sweeping Integration Initiative for The Next Level of Real-Time Business", TIBCO has promised
  • Continued Investments and enhancement to Core Infrastructure
  • Advancing the Real-Time Enterprise
  • Delivering the Road Map for the Predictive Enterprise

Core to the announcement is the new "TIBCO Enterprise Messaging platform" which promises fully transparent connectivity between all existing TIBCO messaging products including TIBCO Enterprise for JMS, TIBCO Rendezvous (and presumably RendezvousTX) and TIBCO (formerly Talarian) SmartSockets. This will offer enhanced routing functionality for complex topologies and full support for multiple client interfaces, such as J2EE, .NET, and WebServices. Availability is promised for Q1 2004.

TIBCO will also release an "Enterprise Reference Architecture" (a white paper, available now), a new Enterprise Event Management product (2004) and an "Enterprise Management Insight(TM)" family of products which will expose infrastructure events and alerts from Systems Management vendors such as HP (available from Q1 2004).

See TIBCO press release and InformationWeek article. Tibco's plans "are right on target with what needs to happen," says Susan Eustis, president of Wintergreen Research, an integration-software research firm. "But IBM is the dominant vendor in the integration space. IBM has even Tibco beat."

Also announced were enhancements to BusinessWorks and BusinessFactor, of which more in the BusinessWorks 5.0 press release.

As my daughter would say, well woop-di-doop. Here's another incredibly vague set of announcements from TIBCO. The Enterprise Messaging Platform is more or less what they promised when they took over Talarian, nearly two years ago. The rest seems to be a hodge-podge of desperate "what can we do with Rendezvous and ActiveEnterprise" cunning plans based around other people's theories of the real time enterprise. Good luck!

Reuters to reduce its Tibco holdings?

Reuters stake - worth about $468M - comes from its original Teknekron purchase. Tibco management are keen to see this overhang of shares floated off, and Reuter's management would like to be able to concentrate on their core business - but Reuters will not yet confirm its intentions.

See The Telegraph.

Web Services Reach The Big Time, says Forrester

Eighty-five percent of the enterprises surveyed by Forrester plan to use Web services this year, with internal projects heading the list. More than half will build Web services for customers, but only 24% will join industry standards groups.

See Forrester research extract.

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