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Lynton Research Digest

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Market Research Digest - 31st October 2003

A little late after a few days in Italy - only slightly interrupted by an extremely minor earthquake shaking the house. Next report will be around November 12th.

Ascential results - 6th quarter of growth reported

Following its recent acquisition of Mercator, Ascential reports Q3/2003 revenue was $45.9 million, up 52 percent from $30.2 million in the Q3/2002, and up 15 percent from $39.9 million in Q2/2003. License revenue was $22.4 million, up 50 percent from $14.9 million in Q2/2002, and up 7 percent from $21.0 million in the Q2/2003. Net loss was $1.7 million, compared to a net loss of $16.3 million in Q3/2002, and net income of $0.7 million in Q2/2003.

See Ascential Q3 results.

Ascential announces partnership with Sonic Software

"The partnership combines the distributed infrastructure and process management capabilities of Sonic ESB (enterprise service bus) with the rich data integration of the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite to allow organizations to streamline and consolidate their data integration processes."

See Sonic's press release.

Attunity revenue down in Q3

Total revenues for the data access specialist in the third quarter of 2003 decreased to $3.8 million, from $4.3 million for the second quarter of 2003 and a decrease from $4.4 million for the same period in the prior year.

See Attunity Q3 results.

Complex web services come under fire

IT managers have difficulty assessing capacity needed to put applications on the internet, says CatchFIRE Systems. See VNUnet.

F5 Networks Q4 results "better than expected"

Revenues were up 8% from the prior quarter (and 17% from the prior year) to $31.6 million. Annual revenue came in at $115.9 million compared to $108.3m last year.

See F5 press release.

F5 Networks in secondary offering

Taking advantage of a mini bull-run and those decent results, F5 hopes to raise around $125 million with a secondary offering. See Puget Sound Business Journal.

Fiorano Software Rebrands "Tifosi" as the "Fiorano Business Integration Suite"

Components of the Suite include:
  • Fiorano ESB standards based Enterprise Service Bus (ie what was Tifosi)
  • FioranoMQ Fastest, most scalable, reliable and secure JMS Server
  • Fiorano Business Service Composer Composite Application Composition
  • Fiorano BPM BPEL compliant Business Process Management
  • Fiorano Monitoring and Management Tools - Graphical User Interface based Tools
  • Fiorano Adapters

See Fiorano announcement.

They seem to have given up the inequal struggle to maintain two brand names - and have fairly closely followed Sonic Software's terminology.

Gemstone refreshes GemFire 2.2

New GemFire features have been added to increase performance, flexibility and scalability, says Gemstone. Based on customer pilot work at a financial institution, it adds dynamic hierarchical caching and support for C/C++ as well as Java processes in the distributed cache.

See GemFire 2.2 announcement.

IDC forecasts Integration and App Server sales pick up

Green shoots of recovery sighted as IDC predicts revenues of $5bn by 2007 - see VNUnet

Gartner agrees - tech spending to rise - but Ovum reports software and services down

See VNUnet: Spending up next year. "Saving money will stay critical". Meanwhile Ovum says Slump to go on this year and next.

ILOG's Q1 results show strength in US and Asia; Europe remains flat

ILOG- best known for its business rules software components, which contribute one third of license revenues - reported first quarter revenues of $22.6 million and income from operations of just $10,000 for the quarter ended September 30, 2003, compared with revenues of $19.0 million and an operating loss of $(0.9) million in last year's first quarter. US sales rose 40% year on year in what the company believes is a reaction to the strengthening of the US economy. Asia was up 47% but weaker Europe was down 14%.

See ILOG results.

Informatica results

Revenues for Q3/2003 were $50.7 million, up slightly from Q2's $50.5 million, and also up from $47.6 million of Q3/2002. Net GAAP loss was $0.2 million, compared with a net loss of $17.3 million for Q3/2002. Informatica claims 55 new customers and repeat business with 124 more. During the quarter Informatica has acquired Striva (mainframe connectivity), signed an OEM deal with Firstlogic (data quality technology) and launched its SuperGlue metadata management product.

See Informatica results announcement.

Iona results: still losing money, but prospects improving

Iona seems chipper about its Q3 results, although the year on year figures still look pretty atrocious. Product revenue of just under $8m is barely half last year's nearly $15m. However, at least the restructuring charges have worked off the books now. Operating expenses (after restructuring) are down 50%. Net loss for the quarter is down to around $2m on total revenue of $17.3m. Iona expects 5-15% growth sequentially.

See Iona press release.

Iona squeezes new life out of CORBA with Artix platform

See SearchWebServices.

Intalio updates n3, moves into Europe

Intalio - observing that more process centric European companies are a brighter prospect for BPM adoption - has opened offices in Brussels and London. It has also formed a series of partnerships with multiple BPM-savvy system integrators in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

See Intalio press release and ebizQ.

Intalio more or less launched, and with CSC has been evangelising BPM for as long as anyone. It has sided with Microsoft and IBM on BPEL. But now that Aberdeen Group predicts $850M of BPM in Europe this year, can such a small company it hold out against the BEArbarians (and IBM of course)?

Persistence Q3 results: the plunge continues

For the quarter, revenues were $1.8m compared with $2.9m for Q2/2003. The Company reported a net loss of $1.2m compared with a net loss of $0.6m for Q2/2003. Revenues for the Q2/2002 were $4.2m with a net loss of $450k. Cash balances are down to $5.1m from $6.2m in June and $6.8m as of September 2002.

See Persistence results.

Persistence hopes it is about to see a turnaround, claiming a growing number of pilots and inquiries. However the annual run rate has fallen from $25.3 million in 2000 to $9.8M in the last 12 months - and threatening worse... license revenue last quarter at $722k was barely 25% of the same quarter in 2002.

Redline Networks Introduces 'OverDrive' Control Environment For Web-Enabled Data Center Applications

"OverDrive" offers adaptive content processing capabilities previously lacking in data center products such as Layer 4-7 content switches. Users can define and enforce rule-based content-processing actions by simply writing "if-then" rules using an intuitive control language that supports a broad range of application behaviors.

See Redline press release.

UK retailers' IT investment soars 27 per cent

The UK's 100 biggest retailers have increased their IT spending by 27 per cent this year to 1.8bn, which indicates a growing realisation that technology can be translated into business benefit, says the second annual IT in Retail study from the Retail Knowledge Bank. High on the sector's list of IT priorities are chip-and-pin projects, generating more value from the supply chain, radio frequency identification, mobile technologies and an increasing reliance on the internet.

There is still plenty of room for growth - as a percentage of sales UK companies spend just 1.1% on IT, compare with 2% at their US counterparts.

See Computing.

SeeBeyond's ICAN v5 released

SeeBeyond said its Integrated Composite Application Network (ICAN) Suite version 5.0 consists of eGate Integrator 5.0, eInsight Business Process Manager 5.0, eXchange Integrator 5.0, eIndex Global Identifier 5.0, eVision Studio 5.0, eView Studio 5.0, ePortal Composer 5.0, eTL Integrator 5.0 and eInsight Enterprise Service Bus 5.0. Some of those components began shipping last spring, and all are now available.

See Seebeyond's announcement.

Vitria Q3 results - some signs of recovery?

Revenue for the third quarter was $18.8 million compared with $18.1 million in the second quarter of 2003 (and $26 million in Q3/2002). License revenue was $7.1 million compared with $4.2 million in the second quarter of 2003 (and $10 million in Q3/2002). According to GAAP, net loss for the quarter was $3.7 million compared with a net loss of $6.0 million in the second quarter of 2003 (and a loss of $11.1 million in Q3/2002).

See Vitria Q3 results.

webMethods announces webMethods Express and webMethods JMS+

webMethods has leapt onto the ESB (enterprise service bus) bandwagon with two new products. "webMethods Express is a cost-effective, standards-based solution that can be used as an entry point to develop and deploy simple point-to-point integrations. webMethods JMS+ is a highly scalable, massively distributed JMS provider, which can be used as a standalone, standards-based message broker. Combined, webMethods Express and webMethods JMS+ provide a comprehensive, standards-based ESB that scales seamlessly to the powerful and mature webMethods Integration Platform."

Avaliability late 2003.

See webMethods JMS+ and ESB announcement.

And they've even got the same old Roy Schulte quote on ESBs - as previously seen at Sonic, SpiritSoft, and many others...

WebMethods to resell Composite's integration software (

WebMethods announced on Monday that it will resell Composite Software's newly released enterprise information integration (EII) software. This opens another competition front against vendors better known for data integration such as Informatica and Ascential (not to mention BEA).

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