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Market Research - 12th February 2003

BEA Announces Web Services Release of BEA Tuxedo

By tying Tuxedo, which is used for high-volume, network applications like reservation systems or online commerce, with its Java server software and associated programming tools, BEA hopes to make it easier to build new Tuxedo applications. Press release; C|Net news; messageQ.

BEA's New Entry-Level Offerings Accelerate J2EE Adoption

BEA Systems on Tuesday will make a new push to attract departmental developers with a price reduction on its WebLogic Express application server, intended for basic Web site development, and the launch of WebLogicServer, Workgroup Edition, a more full-featured application server that is limited to use by 20 developers. See press release; Infoworld article.

JMS taking a place in the enterprise, says Fiorano

Messaging middleware has become something of a solution of choice for a range of enterprise computing problems. One of the first -- if not the first -- implementation of JMS was seen in FioranoSoftware's flagship product, FioranoMQ, a JMS server first released in 1998. The product is now in its 6.0 version, and the company claims that more than 250 customers use the software. See the ADTmag article referenced on Fiorano's news pages

Fuego targets Health Care Integration

Fuego for Healthcare is a business process management solution built on Fuego's Business Process Management System (BPMS). Fuego says the new product provides both payor and provider healthcare organizations with solutions that deliver results through high value process improvement and automation. Read messageQ.

Note similar health related announcements from Mitem Blue Iris, PeopleSoft, and Oracle and Orion.

Groove Networks goes Web Services...

Groove Networks today will roll out a Web services integration framework for its Workspace collaboration product as well as an updated version of Workspace featuring tightened integration with Microsoft Outlook. Groove Web Services are SOAP-based APIs that sit atop a subset of Groove Workspace, allowing Groove collaboration capabilities to be exposed and consumed as services by other applications. See Infoworld.

Lombardi raises $13M for Business Process Management

Lombardi already enables customers like Dell, Hasbro and Royal Dutch/Shell to generate substantial value by enabling business groups and IT organizations to continuously improve business processes. Lombardi's process platform removes latency, improves quality and generates substantial business impact. The business process management market is one of the few categories in enterprise software experiencing strong growth in today's economy. Read messageQ news.

IBM DB2 offering addresses integration needs

IBM's new DB2 Information Integrator software, the first product to come out of IBM's Xperanto research project, addresses the integration needs of most enterprise decision makers, the company and an analyst said. It brings together structured and unstructured data from disparate sources and should be a hit for enterprises needing to synchronize their customer relationship management data. See SearchDatabase

Gordon Moore sees at least another decade of Moore's Law

The eponymous rule that the number of transistors on a semiconductor, and thus overall chip performance, would double every two years was first proposed in 1965; since then the cost has dropped from $1 per transistor in 1968 to $1 per 50 million transistors now; The number of transistors on a single chip has grown 300 million-fold since Intel introduced its first microprocessor 35 years ago. That represents a performance increase of about 80 percent per year.

ObjectFrontier plans a Data Caching Server

CEO Srikanth Rukkannagari said local caching of data is important in the financial and insurance industries, where applications are constantly drawing upon updated data and need the speed that caching can provide. Read SDTimes story

Sonic Software releases SonicMQ V5.0

The next-generation messaging software for the extended enterprise, is now available, they say More

Tangosol and SolarMetric Team Up

TangosolInc and SolarMetric announced today that their flagship products are now certified for use together. Developers can now combine Tangosol Coherence, a leading data caching and distribution product, with SolarMetric's popular tool, Kodo JDO, which provides Java applications with convenient access to relational databases. The announcement was made at the Wall Street on Java Conference.

Press Release Read about Kodo

TIBCO is Market Share Leader in 2002

Tibco announced that according to a Buckingham Research Group Report it was once again the leader in market share among the pure-play integration vendors during 2002. Read press release and then see the release from WebMethods about the same report below; lies, damn lies and statistics!

TIBCO wants Reuters stake reduced

Tibco Software Inc. wants media group Reuters Group Plc. to reduce its stake in the financial software company and is prepared to use part of its $640 million cash pile to make a deal, the Financial Times reported in its online edition on Monday. Chief Executive Vivek Ranadive said he would be more comfortable if Reuters reduced its stake in the software firm to between 20 percent and 30 percent, down from 42 percent today. See Yahoo! story.

Butler Group ranks Vitria top in Business Process Integration

Butler Group carried out an audit of Vitria's BPI platform as a follow-up to its EAI & Web Services report (October 2002), and concluded that BusinessWare 4 was in the Outperform category, with a product that is widely accepted as best of breed. A total of 11 integration platforms were evaluated by Butler Group, including SeeBeyond, TIBCO, IBM and webMethods. Butler Group highlighted a number of strengths in BusinessWare 4, including ease and speed of process integration and a "thorough Web services strategy." Read press release

Versant launches Real Time Framework

Versant, an industry leader in enterprise-level systems for real-time and object data management, announced today its first real-time product offering, Versant Real-Time Framework (VRTF), a comprehensive software framework for delivering solutions that create feedback loops to bridge gaps between planning and execution functions in an enterprise. VRTF begins to deliver on the promise of (their) recent acquisition of Mokume Software. VRTF is priced starting at $50,000 per installation and is typically combined with strategic consulting services. Read press release

webMethods Grows Market Share "453% Faster Than Nearest Competitor"

According to Buckingham Research's report, WebMethods' license revenue sales accounted for 22.3% of the overall independent enterprise application integration market in 2001. In 2002, that share increased to 29.1%, making the company one of only two companies in this market that grew market share year-over-year. webMethods market share increase was 453% more than the increase of the next competitor. Read press release

Survey: Web services spending to grow in 2003

Despite tough economic times, users appear ready to open their wallets to Web services. Fifty-nine percent of respondents expect their company's spending on Web services-related products, technology and services to increase in 2003. In fact, 44% expect it to increase by 6% or more. Read more

An InternetNews article discusses bullish surveys from IDC and Gartner Dataquest.

A messageQ article quotes Gartner putting IBM, Oracle and Microsoft in the lead.

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