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Market Research 9th April 2003

Product review of Fiorano Tifosi 2002 Enterprise Integrator

Sys-Con's new policy is to have real product users, rather than the Sys-Con labs, evaluate products. See what one user made of Tifosi in this month's Java Developer's Journal.

IONA Announces Preliminary First Quarter Results

IONA expects to report total revenues in the range of $16.5 million to $17.0 million for its first quarter ended March 31, 2003 saying it is "seeing real evidence that the second generation of our Web services integration products is proving a unique solution to reduce the cost of integration for our customers".

The forecast loss of 34 cents to 36 cents a share is higher than the 11 cents to 15 cents a share predicted in January, and revenue guidance is far down from $24 million to $26 million predicted then. Q4 revenues were $30.9 million.

See preliminary earnings announcement.

Iron Grid releases IronEye Cache

- a tool that allows developers to enable caching for any SQL statement without changes in code. Since it works through JDBC, it works with any JDBC data source. See technical overview and comments at TheServerSide.

a competitor for Isocra LiveStore and Peter Hearty's phDataCache.

Microsoft sees C# and CLI standards approved by ISO / ECMA

ISO has approved both C#, which is Microsoft's object-oriented programming language, and the accompanying Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) as standards, following their original submission as ECMA standards. Of course, Java has not been adopted by an independent standards body, they emphasise.

See InfoWorld.

Object Management Group issues UML 2.0, prepares MOF 2.0, and other announcements

As well as UML and MOF, OMG also announced a number of other new recommendations including a number of distributed computing infrastructure specifications including a data distribution framework for real-time systems; an interoperability framework connecting the CORBA notification service with the Java Messaging Service; and a foundation for modelling what it calls Super Distributed Objects.

See IT-Director.

Oracle's Larry Ellison predicts Valley bloodbath

"We think there are at least 1,000 Silicon Valley companies that need to go bankrupt," Ellison told Dow Jones Newswire. The top five companies already account for the lion's share of the computer industry's profits, he said. Furthermore, the world's largest software vendor Microsoft is more profitable than the next 49 biggest put together including Oracle.

Ellison's forecast mirrors that of analysts Gartner that suggested that half the computer vendors around in 2002 will have been acquired or gone out of business by the end of 2004. See Infoconomy.

CTOs say Reliable Messaging is the most important missing ingredient for Web services

Although security and orchestration often get the most attention, several executives at the CTO forum in Boston last week cited standards-based messaging as equally important to the success of Web services.

See InfoWorld

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