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Market Research Digest - 9th July 2003

Well, I'm finally settled into the East Anglian countryside. No more Heathrow flight path; no more District Line trains; no more queuing on Kew Bridge. Instead I can go for a walk in the woods, watch a game of bowls from my office window, or wander down to the nearest Adnams pub. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it! Now, back to work...

Air Miles relaunches on the Net

Technology will be vital to online travel provider plans. See vnunet.

Attunity scoops alliances with Oracle and IBM

First, Attunity provides mainframe adapters for Oracle 9iAS: Oracle offers Attunity's integration adapters to a broad range of mainframe data and transaction systems including CICS, IMS, DB2, VSAM and Tuxedo. With support for Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) standard interfaces such as JDBC and JCA , these adapters provide real-time, read-write access to support the full range of capabilities of Oracle9i Application Server, including enterprise portals, business intelligence, rapid application development, application and business integration, and Web services. See announcement.

And for IBM Websphere: The Attunity Adapter Suite for IBM WebSphere allows enterprises to seamlessly integrate with existing systems (e.g. CICS, IMS, VSAM, NonStop SQL) by exposing their functions and data as reusable services. The suite includes a comprehensive prebuilt adapter library, support for WebSphere interfaces including J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA), and the Attunity Studio plug-in to IBM WebSphere Studio to increase user productivity and easy of use. See press release.

Big bang EAI projects out of favour

Large enterprise application integration (EAI) projects are falling to the wayside, according to research from Yankee Group. Instead, it says enterprises are buying integration tools individually to accomplish the goals of specific business projects. See TechWeb.

Bad news for the EAI gorillas like SeeBeyond and WebMethods - see story below.

Clustering reaches adolescence, say backers

Clustering technology has come of age, and the commoditization of compute cycles is just around the corner. At least that’s how the organizers of last week’s ClusterWorld Conference see it. See ADTmag.

Grid computing edges into the mainstream

The concepts of grid computing and Web services edged closer together this week with the Globus Project's official release of the Globus Toolkit, version 3.0. It features the first broad-scale implementation of the Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI) 1.0, the grid computing roadmap that the Globus Project helped develop.

For the full story, see eWeek.

Hilton looks to bespoke web booking

Hotel giant invests £8m to localise marketing for country-specific websites. Approximately $1bn of the Hilton Group's $16bn revenues were generated online during 2002, and 11 per cent of all rooms were booked through the web. "We want to grow that to 20 per cent by 2007".

Software development has been contracted out to Sapient in India, based on a single global technology platform using an Oracle database, a BEA web engine and content management from Interwoven. Next year they will add CRM functionality for loyalty card members. The deal with Sapient also includes an additional £1m annual support contract.

See vnunet.

That means they expect to take an average of over $200,000/hour through the web next year. Better not have any interruptions then!

Isocra upgrades LiveStore transparent JDBC cache

LiveStore is a transparent JDBC distributed data cache, which holds data local to the application server, reducing common performance bottlenecks associated with database access. In order to make using the product even easier livestore 1.1 provides for automatic configuration. In this mode livestore will automatically add tables and indexes to its configuration as it sees a need for them based on the SQL that is actually being used. In this way, the user can start with an empty configuration and let livestore just configure itself. There is also a web-based monitoring console that allows live cache configuration changes and cache status checking.

See theServerSide.

JBOSS and Softwired partner to deliver wireless Java Messaging Service for enterprise applications.

Softwired has joined JBoss's "Preferred Affiliates Program", saying that iBus//Mobile and the JBossMQ JMS messaging component allow developers to integrate mobile applications cost-effectively.

See press release (pdf)

Note that Softwired has its own commercial JMS (iBus//MessageServer) but is happy to cannibalise that to ensure sales for its flagship mobile products.

Linthicum on middleware

David S Linthicum - CTO at Mercator, and formerly of SAGA, says middleware is becoming "muddy-ware" and seeks to clarify things by imparting an understanding of the types of middleware, where they fit into the big picture, and the ones likely to be the best fit for your company. See ebizQ Gold (registration required).

NEON Systems Q4 figures

Revenue for the three months ended March 31, 2003 was $4.8 million, compared with revenue of $5.3 million for the corresponding period in the prior year. Net loss for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2003 was $5.6 million, including $4.2 million in restructuring, depreciation and impairment charges, compared to a net loss of $5.1 million, including $0.7 million in depreciation and amortization charges, for the corresponding period in the prior year.

Total revenue for the twelve months ended March 31, 2003 was $18.6 million compared to total revenue of $21.4 million in the prior year. Operating loss for fiscal 2003 was $14.2 million, which includes $7.8 million in restructuring, depreciation and impairment charges. Operating loss for the twelve months ended March 31, 2002 was $10.5 million, which includes $4.4 million in restructuring, depreciation, and impairment charges.

NEON is now solely focused on enterprise-class mainframe integration adapters, having divested its iWave and ESM (enterprise subsystem management) product lines.

See press release.

Management has taken brutal action to control costs - including cutting employees by 26%; this shows in the reduction in losses net of restructuring. Even so, they are still losing $1 in every $5 they take as revenue...

SMEs drive increase in web activity

Online business spending is looking up; recent research says that more than half of businesses in the United Kingdom are expecting to increase their spending on online activities - notably banking - during the next 12 months. See Computer Weekly.

As business customers switch to online banking, it becomes more important for financial services companies to offer them the appropriate quality of service - using products like FIRENode from CatchFIRE Systems.

ROI and how to estimate it

ROI can be as tough to define for specific projects and purchases as it is to achieve. But the AlignIT Group says there are right and wrong ways to go about projecting ROI, then analyzing results to determine how worthwhile an undertaking was ebizQ (registration required).

I'm sadly not surprised to see that more than half of respondents to their survey see choose initial cost as an important factor in purchasing - whereas less than a third chose a demonstrated TCO or ROI.

Actional, Systinet to build new Web services platform

Two Web services start-ups are joining forces to provide what some industry experts, including Forrester Research analysts, say is not available from major vendors -- a "complete Web services platform". See ADTmag and SearchWebServices.

Systinet Announces WASP Server for Java, 4.6 with Full Support for WS-Security

Read the press release.

VMWare Control Center

VMware today announced its new Control Center product, which will allow administrators to move live apps between (Intel) boxes without skipping a beat. In beta testing with customers now, Control Center will ship before the end of the year. See press release and Information Week.

WebMethods Q1 earnings down

It's not such a great quarter for integration software maker webMethods Inc. which said late last week that its first quarter earnings would disappoint. See eWeek.

Seebeyond has also lowered its second-quarter revenue guidance to between $28 million and $29 million, with international revenue expected to account for about 40% of the total. License revenue should represent $7 million to $7.5 million of the anticipated figure. In April, the software company had expected second-quarter revenue of $35 million to $37 million. See press release.

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