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Lynton Research Digest - 17th December 2003

Well, it's nearly the end of another year. If anyone would like to shower me with frankincense, myrrh or gold (or interesting projects), I will be working over the holiday period - maybe not quite at full intensity! I'm planning to skip next week's digest (you'll all be in the pub anyway), and have a double helping on New Year's Eve or thereabouts. Until then, have a great Christmas!

Cheers Nigel

BEA prefers to be a stand-alone company

Although Oracle has expressed interest in acquiring the company, BEA said it is not a target - and in fact would prefer to make some small acquisitions itself (to add to the 40 already made). However, BEA recognises it could not afford to fight a price war, and has put in place "protection" on its executives' stock options in the event of takeover.

See Forbes: BEA says Oracle unlikely to try to acquire it.

First EAI consortium benchmark rates financial web services providers

The benchmarking assessment panel rated TIBCO highest in middle office benchmarks and issues with real time processing while PolarLake excelled in the areas of front office and real-time processing. See ebizQ: TIBCO, PolarLake Rate In Financial Services Software Snapshot.

Middleware middleage?

Connecting applications is a chief concern of organizations, especially those trying to wring the most they can out of existing systems. For better or for worse, that job has fallen to middleware, the aging software that enables heterogeneous applications to talk to each other...

See Newsfactor / BPM Today: Middleware hits middle age.

This review of the middleware scene talks to our old friend Mike Gilpin, a VP at Forrester Research. He recycles the same old analysis: middleware is "threatened" by service oriented architectures; vendors are "going up the stack" (eg to BAM and BPM). Frankly, that's all been received opinion for years. Meanwhile Sonic Software's Gordon Van Huizen "welcomes" bigger players (such as IBM) into the ESB space.

Now Oracle adds grid to its application server

Application Server 10g is designed to let companies combine several low-cost hardware servers into a "grid" to do the job of a single large, more expensive server. A multiple-server configuration also gives companies more backup options in the case of a hardware failure, according to Oracle. See ZDNet: For Oracle, it's ready, set, grid.

Incremental Integration

Ronan Bradley, PolarLake's CEO, describes how the businesses - especially in the finance sector - are abandoning expensive and often over-complex "big bang" integration solutions in favour of a more pragmatic, time-boxed approach. By delivering integration in increments, return on investment can be that much faster (and more assured).

See Integration - From Big Bang to Controlled Explosions Meanwhile readers of STP magazine should turn to page 56 of the December/January issue to read "The Intelligence Test", co-written by Ronan Bradley and me, which goes over some of the same ground in more detail. It will be online for STP subscribers only.

SeeBeyond leaps on ESB bandwagon

SeeBeyond is launching eInsight Enterprise Service Bus - a subset of its ICAN suite - and will charging $10,000 (5,771) per processor for its software. In an effort to undercut rivals, SeeBeyond is also bundling add-ons with the eInsight ESB package, including its business process integration software. See ZDNet: SeeBeyond sets sights on simpler tasks.

and the wagon keeps on rolling... there are already ESBs or near equivalents already available from Cape Clear, Fiorano, PolarLake, Sonic Software, SpiritSoft, Tibco, webMethods, ... with IBM looming on the horizon.

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