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Market Research Digest - 14 May 2003

Attunity reports for Q1/2003

Total revenues in the first quarter of 2003 were $4,202,000, compared with $4,208,000 for the same period in the prior year and compared with $4,524,000 in the fourth quarter of 2002. Net income was $155,000 compared with $405,000 in the first quarter of 2002.

Detailed figures show a significant (25%) decline in license revenue has been masked by increasing maintenance and services. See announcement.

DataMirror Q1 expectations dampened

DMC expects to record revenue of CDN$13.2-CDN$13.4 million, and earnings of CDN 5-7c per share, compared to predictions of 10-15c made earlier. CEO Nigel Stokes blames deals not closing, the strong Canadian dollar, plus the international situation.

See DowJones at Yahoo.

DataMirror releases Transformation Server 5.1

  • Redesigned communication layer which:
    • adds support for LOBS (Large OBjects)
    • Longer schema/table/column names (TS used to have 20 char limits - inherited from DB/2, inadequate for Oracle)
    • reduces network traffic/latency
  • High performance monitoring

See announcement.

--+Orchestration promise meets reality - As corporations increasingly leverage the Internet and people become more familiar with the concept of services that can be called over the Web, software developers will increasingly focus on linking services together to create applications. This article overviews "orchestration" and starts by talking to Atul Saini, Fiorano's CEO. See ADTmag.

HP teams with TIBCO for BPM and Web services management

Tibco and HP have agreed to develop a Web services-based process management solution to enable their customers to integrate and optimize infrastructure alerts and business process management alerts, and so be able quickly adapt to changing market and business conditions. In addition, TIBCO and HP are working together to extend the reach of HP OpenView’s service management offerings into the Web services management arena.

See messageQ.

Note - announcement only - no product as yet.

IBM Has Top Share in All Application Integration, Middleware Markets, says Gartner

More on last week's news; Gartner publishes a summary of how it places IBM top in each of six different integration segments.

Intalio Gets $5M In New Funding And Aligns With CSC

Intalio, a founder of and currently contributing to BPEL development at OASIS, has closed a $5 million round of financing, led by existing investors Woodside Fund, 3i, XML Fund, SAP Ventures and Sippl MacDonald Ventures. They also announced an alliance with CSC, a consultancy with a long interest in BPM (Howard Smith, CTO of CSC’s European Group is a co-author of "Business Process Management: The Third Wave" and another BPMI member).

See messageQ.

Wired for Success - Softwired and its CEO profiled


Sun and Oracle will participate in BPEL at OASIS - as well as Choreography at W3C

BPEL seems to be benefiting from a groundswell of support; last month it was SAP and Intalio (founder of and so grandfather of the W3C effort). Sun says it is "committed to working with both the W3C and OASIS to achieve alignment between these two efforts".

In a gesture to find common ground, the W3C choreography working group last month extended an invitation to the chairpersons of the OASIS BPEL technical committee to attend the W3C's first face-to-face meeting this summer.

See C|Net.

SOAP 1.2 reaches "proposed recommendation" stage at W3C

After resolving over 400 issues -- including over 150 from SOAP 1.1 -- the standard is available for review until June 7th. See ADTmag.

A reference implementation has been provided by Systinet as part of its WASP for Java product.

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