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Market Research Digest - 8 Jan 2003

Elusive Web services killer app seen emerging this year, says Cape Clear

You don't need a crystal ball to find what the killer application for Web services will be in 2003, maintains John McGuire, co-founder and senior vice president of engineering at Cape Clear Software, a Dublin, Ireland-based Web services tool maker, because it's under every IT manager's nose: The simplification of application integration inside the firewall.

The predicted trend in Web services, which McGuire sees emerging in the New Year, include advancing the XML-based technology from its status as a quick fix for integration projects, to recognition that it is the best fix for EAI.

"People were scouring all these UDDI registries looking for the killer application and that's not where it's happening. It's happening inside the firewall. A lot of the real application is happening in stealth mode behind the firewall. People are just using it to integrate things very quickly and cheaply. And that's where the real value is happening in Web services, it's not going to be some amazing new e-mail program or something. It's simply making stuff work inside

the firewall."

Service oriented architecture using Jini

Service-oriented architectures are becoming an integral aspect of the IT strategy, offering the ability to register, discover and use services, where the architecture is dynamic in nature. However, the technologies that provide the implementation of these features are by its very core, statically based. This article explores Jini as a more adaptive, self-healing technology core for SOAs:,289142,sid26_gci871817,00.html

Persistence preliminary Q4 results

For the quarter, revenues are expected to be approximately $2.6 million with a net loss estimated to be in the range of $1.8 to 2.0 million, or $(0.08 to 0.09) per share. For the year, revenue is estimated to be $14.6 million with a loss of approximately $5.3 to $5.5 million, or $(0.26 to $0.27) per share. Persistence estimates it will be reporting year-end cash balances of approximately $8.8 million. The Company expects to report final year-end results on January 29, 2003

Sony funds PreCache Inc - a new messaging / push technology company

The emergence of Web services is providing new momentum to 'push' technology, which involves a server sending data to a client without the client requesting it, and a push messaging technology company funded by entertainment giant Sony is trying to benefit from that momentum. - and

PreCache has implemented the industry's first Internet-scale Publish/Subscribe solution, which makes real-time communications over traditional IP networks significantly more cost efficient, reliable and scalable. Furthermore, PreCache creates a new path to the economic implementation of emerging networked applications and services. PreCache's NetInjector platform is deployed through partnerships with infrastructure providers, device manufacturers, and key application enablers.

Sonic Software Wraps Up Remarkable Year of Growth and Innovation

"Introduction of the Industry’s First Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Catapults SonicSoftware into Leadership Position for New Generation of Standards-Based Integration"

Sonic reviews some of its successes in 2002 - and pretty impressive they are too... Note how most refer to SonicXQ rather than MQ

Systinet launches site for Web services developers

Web services infrastructure software provider Systinet has unveiled Developers' Corner, a Web site designed to support the growing community of over 25,000 developers, architects and IT managers who are registered users of Systinet products. See and

Yahoo! snags Inktomi

Yahoo! Inc. and Web search provider Inktomi Corp. have signed a definitive agreement under which Yahoo! will acquire Inktomi for an aggregate cash purchase price of about $235 million, adjusted for Inktomi's expected cash balance net of debt, as of December 31, 2002

We are already seeing interest in SpiritCache from the Inktomi installed base as Inktomi was concentrating on web search engines; this news should reinforce that trend

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