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Market Research Digest - 7th May 2003

SD Times reviews Fiorano Tifosi

If JMS is represents the pipes, Tifosi is the complete plumbing, says reviewer Andrew Binstock], who "was impressed by Tifosi, even after learning that itís priced at US$40,000 per enterprise server, $10,000 per peer serveróand a whopping $10,000 per developer seat." Read more at SDTimes - and see the Tifosi 2002 announcement at ebizQ.

IBM and Akamai launch computing on demand to edge of network

Akamai EdgeComputing Powered by WebSphere offers Akamai's distributed network of more than 15,000 servers to handle everyday Web application traffic and spikes in demand. The service will be offered through Akamai and IBM Global Services (so, probably not yet the claimed one button deployment model!).

See ebizQ

IBM WebSphere overtakes BEA WebLogic in application server sales, says Gartner

WebSphere held 37% share of the market, up from 31% last year, Gartner said. BEA's WebLogic slipped to 29% from 34%. Sun Microsystems Inc. was in third place with 4% share of the market (down from 9% last year). IBM Chief Executive Sam Palmisano called the gain an "important milestone". BEA Vice President Rick Jackson said his company had shifted its business from a stand-alone application server to a suite of software products providing a broader set of features.

See Yahoo and C|Net.

Interesting that Oracle still hasn't made the top three. Last year's numbers showed growth of 20 percent to about $1.18 billion. This year, growth was just 2%.

Another reading of the same news - at CMPnet.Asia says it is Oracle in third place, rather than Sun. According to the report, IBM also took home the prize in message-oriented middleware with a whopping 80.8 percent of the market, according to Correia's report. Sun's Sun ONE and Tibco middleware came in at nearly a tie for second, with Sun taking 4.9 percent and Tibco taking 4.8 percent of market share. A research VP at Giga (now part of Forrester) also points out that it is very hard to break out application server sales from the reported numbers.

Informatica optimizes for IBM DB2

A unique data smart parallelism technology enables Informatica PowerCenter 6.2 to accurately insert data into multi-node DB2 Universal Databases 10 to 20 times faster than prior PowerCenter releases while adapting automatically to changing database cluster configurations.

See announcement.

Once again, IBM is encouraging ISVs to favour DB2, particularly over Oracle...

Insevo and Taviz merge under Insevo name

EAI veteran Taviz (formerly known as EN2Z, before that Oracle apps specialist SmartDB) meets JCA integrator Insevo. Insevo's "merger" was funded by 3i US alongside existing investors Rocket Ventures and Novus Ventures.

See Clarinet. Normally I'd refer you to the web site, but it's in a bit of a mess - snafu even - at the moment as they integrate the two companies.

SeeBeyond claims J2EE 1.3 compliance for ICAN

Its Integrated Composite Application Network (ICAN) Suite v5.0 has passed the J2EE 1.3 Compatibility Test Suite, they say. In addition to providing a comprehensive J2EE compatible integration platform, SeeBeyond says it has become the first vendor to support the execution of its application integration functionality on third-party J2EE-compatible application servers.

See ebizQ.

Another spurious "first" claim - what about all the others (BEA and Oracle, for example)? Why on earth certify yet another J2EE engine (and whose is it anyway)?

Sonic offers excellence awards to its customers

Winners include Royal Philips Electronics for its TOP (Towards One Philips) ESB which provides a global services network linking five product divisions and 160 manufacturing sites across more than 35 countries.

See awards listing.

Systinet achieves 50% sequential growth

Systinet, a Web services infrastructure software, begins 2003 well by signing 12 new customers and achieving sales bookings growth 'exceeding 150% of the previous quarter'.

See announcement

Note that these figures are unaudited - Systinet is a private corporation.

Tangosol makes its message clear

Key messages are now listed on the home page:

Web services: BPEL4WS will go to OASIS

BEA, IBM, Microsoft and SAP - vendors behind the BPEL4WS XML standard - agreed to formally submit BPEL4WS Version 1.1 under royalty-free terms to a new OASIS technical committee on May 16, OASIS officials said. That is the date of the first meeting of the newly formed OASIS Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WSBPEL) Technical Committee, which will now work further on the standard and perhaps come up with a less-cumbersome acronym.

See ADTmag

Now it will apparently fall to companies such as Oracle, BEA, SAP and Sun Microsystems to monitor the two groups and make sure their work is complementary. See ComputerWorld.

And finally: how the HP / Compaq merger worked

Working on your MBA? This report from Business 2.0 on how the HP/Compaq merger has managed to generate $3 billion in savings, ahead of schedule, should be required reading.

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