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Market Research Digest - 1st October 2003

Aruba raises $60 million to fund wireless networks

The ease with which Aruba Networks was able to raise $20 million in its second round of financing even took its CEO by surprise. "We had a term sheet before even leaving the room," said Pankaj Manglik, CEO, President and founder of the wireless local-area networking (WLAN) company. "We were kind of shocked."

Aruba hopes to dodge the big boys - Cisco, Foundry Networks and Extreme Networks - by piggy backing its wireless gear onto other people's wired networks.

See Red Herring.

Bloor: XML databases on the way out?

This article in IT-Analysis by Bloor analyst Phil Howard argues that as the main RDBMS vendors offer XML facilities, specialist vendors like eXcelon (now part of Sonic Software) and Software AG are being forced to re-position away from pure XML storage.

Business Integration - by Gartner

A look at the trends affecting the whole of the middleware market, including integration brokers, application servers, and portals. Includes market shares and technology definitions from Gartner.

See Business Integration Journal (pdf).

SpiritSoft launches SpiritWave Real-Time to manage the "application grid"

The product "evaluates application usage patterns and deploys business logic where needed to make the most efficient use of network infrastructure and user need."

See SD Times report.

It looks like SpiritSoft is delivering the kind of load management technology that we used to see in mainframe class transaction monitor products like Tuxedo. And it's interesting to see the switch from JBoss towards Apache's Geronimo application server as a foundation layer.

The Enterprise Service Bus - a developer friendly integration engine

Web Services Journal has just published this article I wrote recently with Warren Buckley, CTO and co-founder of PolarLake. Always nice to see one's work finally hit the press!

TIBCO unveils Quick Start program for BusinessWorks

The program, which helps ensure quick ramp-up of product skills, the most effective integration infrastructure architecture and design, and accelerated delivery of a solution that results in significant tangible business and IT value, includes one copy of TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.0, two adapters of choice, and 240 hours of Professional Services Group consulting. Prices start at $200,000.

See ebizQ report.

That's a lot of moolah just to "begin" the process of integration. When you can get Sonic Software or SpiritSoft products for a fraction of this price, why would you want to lock yourselves into this?

Versant buys Poet

In a $26million deal, Versant has agreed to merge with fellow object database specialist Poet - which is listed in Frankfurt. Nick Orden, Versant's CEO says that their complementary markets (Versant in high performance real-time, Poet in embedded applications) and architectural similarities create a great opportunity for growth. The combined company will be about 175 employees.

See San Jose Business Journal and eWeek.

Is this the turning of the corner for Versant, or will the specialist object database industry continue to be a niche irrelevance compared to the big boys of the relational world?

Versant OEM's SolarMetrics' JDO technology

Versant will resell SolarMetric's flagship product, Kodo JDO. Versant also will OEM Kodo JDO to deliver its own JDO-compliant integration for the Versant object database. In addition, Versant and SolarMetric will jointly promote JDO as the industry standard for persisting data from application servers, other server-class middleware, and the broad range of enterprise Java applications.

See Versant's press release.

Versant hopes that developer's will use the JDO standard - seen by some as an acceptable alternative to JDBC and J2EE's container managed persistence - and so Versant will be able to smuggle an object database into a new set of customers.

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