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Market Research Digest - 21st May 2003

Ascential Software Takes "Leadership Position" in Defining Grid Computing Standards and Architecture

Ascential Software has announced that it is the first enterprise integration software provider to join the Global Grid Forum ("GGF"), an industry association formed to advance grid computing. Ascential will apply its expertise in parallel computing and enterprise integration to help formulate standards that ensure the creation of scalable, high-throughput commercial computing grids. See announcement.

NOTE: Ascential's expertise largely derives from its November 2001 purchase of Torrent Systems.

BEA acknowledges need for service oriented message brokers (ESB) and invests in reliable messaging

In this Infoworld article Adam Bosworth, BEA's chief architect and senior vice president of advanced development, discusses reliable delivery and web services messaging.

IBM buys Think Dynamics

IBM's autonomic and grid computing positioning is further enhanced by its purchase of privately held Canadian company Think Dynamics. Its "orchestrated provisioning" software is based on web services and OGSA (open grid services architecture) supports "on demand" provisioning, in which resources that support lower priority work can be dynamically re-allocated to meet urgent needs of higher priority work in minutes. The team will be incorporated into the Tivoli software group.

See messageQ and ADTmag.

IBM to release DB2 Information Integrator

IBM says itís about to release its new DB2 Information Integrator software designed to help customers instantly access, integrate, manage and analyze all forms of information -- stored on any platform -- across and beyond the enterprise. DB2 Information Integrator software is based on open industry standards and provides replication, transformation, caching, XML, Web Services and Java capabilities, and incorporates IBM's federated data management capabilities, IBM says.

IBM DB2 Information Integrator is available immediately, and is priced at $20,000 per processor and $15,000 per data source connector. See messageQ.

IBM DB2 Information Integrator uses Striva Detail to get to those hard-to-reach legacy systems

"With DETAIL and DB2 Information Integrator, a business can drive more value from existing information assets with real-time information integration, lowering the total cost of ownership and increasing return on investment." said Lauren Flaherty, vice president of marketing, IBM Data Management Solutions.

Striva adapters support access to data types such as IMS, VSAM, IDMS, Datacom, and Adabas. See Striva announcement, InfoWorld and eWeek.

Ascential supports DB2 Information Integrator

The IBM-Ascential integrated solution will greatly benefit the many customers seeking both federated and consolidated data integration solutions. The performance advantages of the Ascential Enterprise Integration Suite for data profiling, data quality, and data transformation, supported by meta data management, parallel execution, and real-time service platforms in high throughput environments, combine with IBM's DB2 Information Integrator's capabilities in federated data management, information integration, analysis, unstructured data, replication and advanced searching.

See announcement.

Heads roll at Iona

With immediate effect company co-founder and Chairman Dr. Chris Horn resumes the post of CEO. Dr. Horn co-founded IONA and has been Chairman since March 1991. He was the initial developer of IONA's Orbix product and served as the company's President and Chief Executive Officer from its inception until May 2000. Mr. Kevin Melia, an IONA board member since 1994, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In a series of further moves, Mr. Barry Morris, CEO since May 2000, Mr. Steven Fisch, COO, who joined the company in August 2002, and Mr. David James, Executive Vice President Corporate Development, who joined in 1997, have resigned. See announcement.

At the same time, Iona has made deep cuts, losing 180, or 33% of the workforce, across all departments and geographies. See ADTmag.

Sun will ship second beta of J2EE 1.4 shortly

The full release - originally due last year - is still waiting for WS-I basic profile. See InternetNews.

Tibco and Gemstone combine to deliver "Enterprise Services Solution"

The ESS, which includes TIBCO's real-time technology and GemStone's GemFire data solution, will give intelligence, security, civilian law enforcement and other government agencies the ability to efficiently gather, process and analyze massive amounts of data for rapid, well-informed response against threats, to formulate best practices and preventative measures, and to facilitate inter-agency cooperation," said Jeff Summers, vice president, industry solutions, TIBCO Software Inc

See press release.

22 May 03: Since this newsletter was published, an article has also appeared at ADTmag.

Vitria launches Telecom Process Accelerator

Telecom Process Accelerator is based on BusinessWare, Vitria's business process integration platform, but also includes pre-built solution components that can be tailored and extended to fit each customer's integration needs. In addition, Telecom Process Accelerator takes full advantage of the operational "best practices" framework recommended by the TeleManagement Forum (TMF) in its Enhanced Telecommunications Operations Map (eTOM). The Vitria Telecom Process Accelerator is transport independent and can be implemented on BusinessWare, any JMS-compliant integration solution, or legacy messaging product such as IBM's MQ Series, Vitria says.

See messageQ and press release.

This sounds like an ESB with "telco characteristics" to me.

Vitria announces 4 into 1 reverse stock split

Vitria - which has been trading below $1/share for most of the last year, after a near $100 (split adjusted) high in early 2000 - has finally bitten the bullet and announced a reverse split effective May 28th - presumably to avoid being booted off NASDAQ. See announcement.

Developing Web Services with ebXML and SOAP: An Overview

Dan Malks and Marina Sum of Sun Microsystems explain the differences between basic and collaborative Web services and think the choice is not "ebXML or SOAP" but whether to extend SOAP to support reliability with ebXML messaging.


It would be interesting to compare this approach with the two proposed "reliable messaging over SOAP" standards: WS-Reliability and WS-Reliable Messaging.

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