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Lynton Research Digest - 8th October 2003

Actional gets out of the adapter business

Actional has sold its adapter business for an undisclosed sum to iWay Software (owned by privately held Information Builders). SOAPswitch, Actional Control Broker and Object Bridge plus 22 employees and around 150 customers will be transferred. Actional says it will now focus all of its attention on Web services management. Gartner Inc. research director Benoit Lheureux expects the shakeout in the adapter market to continue.

See SearchWebServices.

A brave move. Actional's adapter products have had quite a good name, and won a number of awards; has the management thrown out the baby or the bathwater?

Grid Computing "moving to inflection point" says the451

The "grid" market is accelerating, but the next 18 months will be critical, says a report "Grids 2004: from rocket science to business service" from analyst the451. Adopted mainly in financial services, life sciences and manufacturing, grid-related M&A deals to the value of $1 bn have been closed in the last year. Big fish (IBM, HP, Microsoft and Sun) are keen to pick up professional services businesses - "grids are built, not bought" - and are being chased by tier 2 vendors like Oracle, CA, Platform, Veritas and others.

Minnows like Enigmatec, Powerllel and many others "must evolve - through rapid growth, investment or acquisition - to have a longer-term position in the marketplace".

See press release and Gambling on the Grid

IBM joins Amadeus to cut airline costs

Amadeus is to work with IBM to help airlines move to standardised, web-enabled IT architectures to cut costs in the troubled sector. Amadeus' global reservations system is used in over 65,000 travel agencies to sell 95 per cent of the world's scheduled airline seats, and 140 airlines use its sales system.

See Computing.

IDC says European e-commerce sales will quadruple to 1.2bn by 2006

IDC says internet adoption across western Europe is predicted to grow dramatically from its existing 159 billion users to around 250 billion by 2006. And the total spent on online commerce across the region is expected to increase fourfold to $2bn in the same period.

"The challenge is adjusting to more uncertainty and complexity, but you can't hardwire strategy or architecture if all of these changes are going to come in 10 years' time. You need a bit of flexibility," said Gantz, an IDC analyst.

See Computing report.

Cheers Nigel

LSE starts online broker service

The London Stock Exchange has launched a service that allows brokers to use its trading platform across the internet for the first time. The Exchange's vendor access network service provides brokerage firms with a more flexible and cost effective way of trading on the SETS system.

See the full story at Computing

Slowly the Internet keeps on chipping away at proprietary, private networks. Where will the next strike fall?

Net banks get best marks

Customers of the high street banks are more likely to be dissatisfied with the service they get than those of smaller operators, according to a Consumer's Association survey.

See Money Guardian

Users impressed by better online banking

On the same subject, a July survey reported in Money Guardian adds: Customers are becoming happier with their internet banks largely as a result of the improved speed and usability of online banking websites.

In both these stories, the high street banks generally come out less well than the specialists. We can learn that performance and usability are increasingly important assets for a financial services business.

SeeBeyond partners with Seagull Software for legacy access

In a move that they may hope will counter Informatica's recent purchase of Striva and its DETAIL mainframe integration software, SeeBeyond has announced an OEM agreement for Seagull Software's LegaSuite to be included with eWay's screen based Intelligent Adapters.

See SeeBeyond press release.

Siebel relaunches hosted CRM; IBM provides the hosting

Two years after clsoing down, Siebel has returned to a hosted model with a CRM service called Siebel CRM OnDemand. The price: $70 per user, per month. IBM will host, and help with sales and marketing. Siebel will suggest that - unlike - OnDemand can be scaled either within ASP model, or can easily be brought back in house if necessary.

See press release and launch conference audio and slides.

Now they've given such a head start, can they claw back the time they have lost? The ASP model now looks more secure - after the initial wild enthuiasm and the subsequent bust, it is following the Gartner hype cycle up the second, more rational slope.

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