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Lynton Research Digest

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Market Research Digest - 5 March 2003

ADTmag overview of Application Server positioning

Jack Vaughan, editor at large, reviews the J2EE application server market - see Improvements mark evolving Java servers.

Attunity announces Q4 results

Adapter specialist Attunity reports Q4 results for Q4 and year to Dec 31 2002: license revenues in 2002 were $6,931,000, an increase of 9.0% from $6,355,000 in 2001. Net profit in 2002 was $1,604,000 or $0.11 per share compared with a net loss of ($15,631,000) or ($1.34) in 2001.

BEA announces WebLogic Platform 8.1

"WebLogic Platform merges all of the features of the existing BEA WebLogic products--application server, development, portal, and integration--into a highly integrated solution, combining the benefits of a common application infrastructure with an easy-to-use, robust framework".

See press release, What's New in 8.1 and commentary at TheServerSide. announces new board of directors

Board size increases to 7. Re-elected to a second term were Ismael Ghalimi of Intalio, Howard Smith of Computer Sciences Corporation, Jeanne Baker of Sterling Commerce, and J. Matthew Pryor of Versata. Newly elected directors include Sinisa Zimek of SAP, Georg Simon of IDS Scheer, and Stephen White of SeeBeyond. See

DataMirror Announces Record Results for Fourth Quarter of Fiscal 2003

The integration company's reported results included:
  • Revenue of $17.8 million
  • GAAP income of $3.3 million or $0.29 per share
  • Cash flow from operations of $6.5 million
Revenue from licence sales accounted for 55.9% of total revenue in Q4 fiscal 2003 , up from 56.0% in Q4/2002. Total headcount was 276 at January 31, 2003 as compared to 308 at January 31, 2002 and down from 292 at the end of the third quarter of fiscal 2003.

More signs of a turnaround - though built on cost cutting as well as on sales growth

DataMirror launches "Go Live for $55K" program

The package includes 5 days of consulting, product training for 2 and "everything you need" from the LiveIntegration product line (which consists of Transformation Server, Constellar Hub, DB/XML Transform, LiveConnector and iDeliver). See promotion details and press release.

That's one way of resolving the "which of your products should I buy" question. Take them all, and work out what you need later...

IBM Debuts 'Significant' Websphere Integration Offerings

IBM says Websphere Business Integration now delivers five key capabilities that customers have recognized as critical components to achieve effective integration across an IT infrastructure. These five capabilities -- model, integrate, connect, monitor, and manage -- are necessary to help customers turn business innovation into business results.

See messageQ.

Informatica gets SAP certification for SAP R/3 and Business Information Warehouse (BW)

PowerCenter and PowerConnect are certified for CA-ALE, and Informatica now has a BW-STA certified BAPI staging interface to BW.

See press release and SAP partner directory.

Informatica Breaks New Ground with Significant Performance and Scalability Advances

In trials conducted on HP Superdome servers and HP StorageWorks XP disk arrays, Informatica PowerCenter 6.1 exhibited a 1,000-percent performance increase when accessing the platform from a remote location, a 100-percent increase in throughput when loading massive data sets, a 30-percent performance increase when performing complex data mappings, and near-perfect linear scalability when handling mounting data volumes.

See press release.

It seems to be benchmark season again in the ETL world...

OASIS takes on Reliable Web Services Messaging

The new Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) Technical Committee will work to establish a standard, interoperable way of achieving reliability at the SOAP messaging level and potentially with other messaging protocols. The WS-Reliability specification, published by Fujitsu, Hitachi, Oracle, NEC, Sonic Software, and Sun Microsystems, will be submitted as input for the OASIS WS-RM Technical Committee. Other contributions are welcome. The proposed WS-RM specification incorporates many of the concepts of ebXMLs Messaging Servers specification. See messageQ and WS-RM TC page.

Wireless middleware set to soar, says Ovum

Ovum thinks wireless middleware software sales will grow to $1.7 billion by 2007, from $714 million in 2003. Sales to operators will ultimately supersede sales to enterprises. See Infoconomy.

Softwired releases technical blueprint for JBoss integration

See the recently released JBoss and Softwired Integration - Technical Blueprint (zip file).

Sonic Software Releases Stylus Studio 4.6

Version 4.6 integrates Stylus Studio's hallmark XSLT debugger with the SonicXQ(TM) enterprise service bus (ESB), making it easier to develop transformations stored within the SonicXQ environment. Additional new features in Stylus Studio 4.6 include an XQuery editor and debugger, an innovative XML-to-HTML WYSIWYG editor, a graphical XML Schema Designer and automated XML Schema Documentation Generator.

Stylus Studio is sold at an introductory price of $295/seat (not clear whether it is bundled with SonicXQ or not).

See press release.

The Mind Electric announces GLUE 4.0 Web Services Platform

GLUE 4.0 seamlessly integrates the Java technologies - Servlets, JSPs, EJBs, and web services into a single, fast, easy-to-use package. See announcement at TheServerSide for links to product specs. GLUE "standard" is free "for most commercial uses", GLUE Professional pricing $2000/cpu, $1000/developer.

Tibco announces successful completion of the RosettaNet Software Interoperability Trials

Completion of the trials signifies to existing and future customers that TIBCO solutions for RosettaNet can quickly and easily interoperate with solutions offered by other RosettaNet partners. See press release.

The RosettaNet game is very crowded; as well as vendors like Mercator, Oracle, Microsoft and many more, see also recent similar RosettaNet-related announcements from Oracle,Sterling Commerce, Vitria and WebMethods.

Versant Announces First Quarter 2003 Revenues of $5.8M

License revenue for the quarter was $2.7 million, representing 46% of total revenues. Services revenue was $3.2 million. This represents 33% growth in license revenue and an 18% growth in services revenue over last quarter. Net loss for the first quarter of 2003 was $664,000, or $0.05 per share. See press release.

XACML will be adopted over next 12 months

Within a year, developers can expect to see widespread adoption of the Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML), the newly ratified OASIS information access standard for Internet applications. See ADTmag.

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