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Market Research - 19th February 2003

Niche work turns a profit on the web

Boston-based Bitpipe offers a database of just 40,000 IT documents. But these white papers (including SpiritSoft's, by the way) are so well targeted that the company is already making money. See VNUnet.

Forrester calls for increased ICT investment in Europe

The technology investment gap between Europe and the US is set to grow by 4.5% in 2003. If Europe seriously means to become the world's leading knowledge-driven economy, companies and governments must greatly boost ICT investment. See report excerpt.

Read Gemstone's latest pitch for GemFire

The GemFire Suite from GemStone (is) live data distribution and management software that optimizes data in motion across the hardware and software boundaries of your enterprise. GemFire’s pervasive interoperability improves the utilization and performance of your enterprise’s information systems, reducing costs, accelerating business processes, and allowing your entire company to do more with less. Itis comprised of three core products: GemFire for SMP, GemFire for Blades and Distributed GemFire. The GemFire XML Integration Module is an add-on component of the GemFire Suite and is available for each of these three systems.

"GemFire's pervasive interoperability improves the utilization and performance of your enterprise's information systems, reducing costs, accelerating business processes, and allowing your entire company to do more with less" - see press release and The GemFire Suite.

Hydra lands major BSkyB content caching and delivery deal

Niche reseller Hydra has won a deal to improve the delivery of content for BSkyB's websites. According to Hydra the deal demonstrates how resellers with the ability to add value to a deal can win over big companies. The new system is expected to provide 300 per cent return on investment in its first year, rising to 2,000 per cent in the second, according to Hydra. See VNUnet.

Hydra seems more interested in hardware than software - but see their web site for some relevant marketing speak on internet acceleration.

IBM Touts Websphere Enhancements And Programs

Developers can build applications with WebSphere's new, integrated workflow engine and tools. They can easily and visually choreograph complex business processes to flexibly integrate J2EE and Web services applications and packaged applications. WebSphere's workflow engine is based on XML technology that IBM is now working to standardize, in advanced form, with industry partners. This includes BPEL4WS (Business Process Executive Language for Web Services), WS-TX (Web Services Transactions), WS-C (Web Services Coordination) - all specifications that IBM is helping to develop and drive into standards bodies. Plus there are self-healing and other management features. See ebizQ

Popkin And Intalio Team On BPM

The joint solution integrates IntalioInc's n|3 Business Process Management System (BPMS) with Popkin's System Architect(r) tool set. The interchange technology for the solution is based on the Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) recently released by Businesses are assured of an end-to-end, standards-based, enterprise-scale process management solution that helps them move one step closer to aligning their technology to their business strategies, the vendors say. See ebizQ

There is a growing trend to see modeling as an important 'optional extra' to offer alongside BPM and web services engines; back to good old CASE days!

MetaMatrix signs OEM deal with SAP

MetaMatrix, provider of enterprise information integration software, gets its software included into SAP's new NetWeaver technology. The MetaMatrix Server enables data to remain in its original format and location, allowing organizations to use existing assets in new ways, such as exposing the data through Web Services and sharing it across the enterprise. Instead of creating a new database or data warehouse, applications can gain access through the MetaMatrix Server to an integrated view of information from many different, incompatible systems. See press release and BusinessWeek.

As a database federator, MetaMatrix competes with IBM's recently announced Xperanto project.

Web services invade wireless world

Microsoft believes technology is aligning to make 2003 the year XML Web services "take off" in applications for mobile devices. Read this ADTmag story to find how Dollar Rent A Car is using the MapPoint web service.

Oracle (barely) leads in fragmented employee market

A new study by Jupiter Research has found that more than 80% of polled companies now have or will soon have a portal site for their employees. The market also remains highly fragmented, according to Jupiter's data, with Oracle holding a slim lead over PeopleSoft, SAP and IBM. The lead is down to bundling, thinks the report's lead analyst. See IDG News.

PhWorks Announces Caching JDBC Driver

PhDataCache is a lightweight caching JDBC driver that is free for non-commercial use and comes with full source code. A caching JDBC driver sits between an app and JDBC driver, intercepting JDBC calls and caching resultsets based on pre-defined rules. Read announcement.

PhWorks is the brainchild of former SpiritSoft developer Peter Hearty

PolarLake appoints UK Sales Manager

Michael Walford-Grant joined Polarlake in January 2003 and will have responsibility for further expanding PolarLake's presence in the UK market. He brings to the company a wealth of sales experience in business integration for Financial Services. See announcement.

Reuters shares slump as 3000 jobs are cut

Reuters reported a net loss of 394 million pounds ($631 million), the biggest in its 151-year history. Underlying pre-tax profits, at 89 million pounds, were at the top end of market forecasts but it was the gloomy outlook that unnerved investors. Recurring revenues make up 90 percent of core sales and flow largely from financial institutions which pay monthly subscriptions to receive Reuters news and data. Banks and brokerages are cancelling subscriptions as they slash costs to cope with the biggest slump in stock markets for a generation. See Yahoo, CBS MarketWatch

SeeBeyond promising "Revolutionary" release

SeeBeyond plans to release version 5.0 of its Integration Suite, including its flagship eGate platform, for general availability by the end of the first quarter. It is expected to add more business-centric, value-added applications, such as business workflow and business process management. See ebizQ Gold article (registration may be required)

As "traditional" EAI players like SeeBeyond start addressing BPM, Workflow and "real time" or "zero latency" applications, it gets harder and harder for end users to distinguish between all the players in the integration market.

Sun and Softwired partner to deliver wireless JMS

Sun Microsystems and Softwired have signed a worldwide agreement to incorporate Softwired's iBus//Mobile solution into the Sun ONE platform. This agreement marks Sun's commitment to provide seamless access to web services using Java™ Messaging Service (JMS) applications, dramatically enhancing the mobile enterprise environment. See Sun's press release and Sun One and Softwired Integration - Technical Blueprint (zip file)

Shame they spelled Wirless (_sic) wrong on both Sun and Softwired web sites! But good for our friends in Zurich; if there really is a demand for wireless JMS, this could smoke it out... but will wireless web services (see above) beat them out?_

Sonic Software Sets The Standard For Enterprise Messaging With Release of SonicMQ 5.0

Following on from last week's news, here is the [[][press release] issued yesterday. Key features (all of which sound remarkably like SpiritWave 5):
  • "next generation" clustering architecture supports up to 64 brokers in a single cluster, and supporting location transparency. Note that although SonicMQ finally supports intercluster pub/sub, intercluster messaging still requires sys admins to set up routing tables.
  • centralised configuration and management "at no extra cost", based on JMX
  • pluggable security framework, integrates with eg Netegrity Siteminder and MS Active Directory, supports LDAP
The development edition is priced at $2500 per CPU. The deployment edition price starts at $5000 per CPU. See features and benefits and new.

Versata Announces General Availability of Free Business Logic Designer for WebSphere Studio

The Business Logic Designer is distributed as a free plug-in, downloadable from Versata's website or IBM's Plug-In Central website, and offers an additional development option for creating the business logic services executed within Versata's flagship product, the Versata Logic Server. See press release.

Cool! that's like giving you a free steering wheel; all you have to do is buy the rest of the car!

Vignette Enhances Portal Products

VignetteCorp. is shipping its new series of Vignette Portal Suites, part of the Vignette V7 family of products. See Vignette V7.

Vitria enters Healthcare Integration Market

VitriaInc has unveiled a suite of healthcare solutions designed enable companies to accelerate claims submission-to-remittance cycle times, track claims with a single point of control, and streamline their care management capabilities. Read ebizQ

This adds to a number of similar announcements in last week's bulletin

WS-Reliability Spec ends up in OASIS

According to Oracle and Sun Microsystems officials, the new Web Services Reliability specification is being placed under the jurisdiction of OASIS, which will consider the proposal for promotion as an industry standard. The WS-Reliability spec - SonicSoftware is among its proponents - is intended to help accelerate adoption of Web services through linking of applications via standard (guaranteed messaging) interfaces. See InfoWorld

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