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Lynton Research Digest

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Market Research Digest - 25th June 2003

Well, this is my last digest written from Twickenham; next week we're finally moving up to Suffolk. That will probably mean no digest next week - so enjoy the rest of Wimbledon and normal service will be resumed on 9th July.

Akamai launches new "Edge Architecture Design Partner" plan

Following its EdgeComputing alliance with IBM to put Websphere applications - not just content delivery - at the edge of its global network, Akamai is now looking for SIs and "digital agencies" to plan, develop and tune the applications. See press release.

Apple's OS/X gaining applications

I was interested to read two items this week drawing attention to Mac OS X: webMethods Brings Powerful Enterprise Integration to Mac OS X, Business Objects supports Mac OS X Safari browser and Oracle Announces High Demand for Oracle Database on Mac OS X. Admittedly the Oracle "high demand" turns out to be just 5,000 developer (ie free) editions downloaded in the first half of 2003... but still, a fascinating coincidence.

Apple hard drive becomes atomic mirror

And continuing the theme, read this from Newsfactor. Apple Mac turns into quantum computer? Wow!

Bloor Research on "BTO" - Business Technology Optimization

Bloor's Tony Lock looks at the result of Mercury Interactive's purchase of Kintana. In effect BTO promises to help organisations make the most efficient use of their IT systems thereby optimising the costs associated with the delivery of said services. The concept behind BTO is an area that may well interest many organisations, both those working within IT departments and senior line of business managers. See IT-Director.

Mirror Image gets patent on "Internet Communication System"

US patent 6,581,090 describes technology that efficiently stores and retrieves content requests and balances Web traffic between origin servers to improve performance and speed. Transparent Web caching has enabled hardware manufacturers, Internet service provider (ISPs), network and content delivery companies to maximize Web site performance while optimizing bandwidth utilization and reducing server loads. See press release.

Sounds like an Akamai competitor, though Mirror Image has a much lower profile. Mirror Image (a subsidiary of Xcelera) was partly funded (in 2000) by a $637.5 million equity investment from (now failed) web hoster Exodus; Xcelera as a whole is now only worth around $170M.

I have just read the patent description and it just reminds you how long the patent office takes to process them. "Today, only a small fraction, about 3 to 5 percent, of all PCs have access to the Internet.... The transition from 14.4 kbit/s modems to 28.8 kbit/s is just being completed".

PolarLake keeps up the pressure with release of Database Integrator v3.0

Following last week's announcement of the JIntegrator ESB, this week PolarLake announced v3.0 of Database Integrator, adding DB/2 to the list of supported databases, which already included Oracle and SQL server.

Database specific features, configured through supplied graphical tools, include:

  • Mapping of XML documents to tables, rows & columns in a relational database, including transformation of XML into relational data types
  • Mapping of tables, rows & columns into XML documents, including transformation of relational data types into XML
  • Invoking stored procedures, mapping XML to parameters, and mapping returned values back to XML
  • Monitoring of database events to generate XML in PolarLake
  • Initiating, committing or rolling back database transactions of arbitrary length and complexity

Progress results - breakout of Sonic Software numbers

Sonic Software sales for the last quarter were $6.4M - up 50% from last year's $4.3M. The growth includes the XML products acquired from Excelon late last year. Listen to the audio archives.

SwiftMQ 4.6 released

Version 4.6.0 of this JMS router contains a few enhancements and bug fixes, including an "Improved File Store Recovery Manager". See release notes.

Tibco Q2 results

Total revenues for the second quarter were $61.5 million. License revenues for the second quarter were $30.8 million. Net loss for the quarter calculated in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States was $0.6 million. During Q2, according to the press release they added 76 new customers, ending the quarter with more than 2,000 customers. See press release.

Tibco joins SalesForce to offer subscription based integration to other enterprise apps

The new Integration Server, powered by TIBCO, available in the third quarter of this year, will provide customers with the ability to rapidly integrate S3 with the most widely deployed software packages on the market, such as Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, and Lotus Notes. Utilizing sforce, the client/service application builder, the Integration Server should eliminate the need for customers to write custom code to integrate S3 with back-end systems. See press release.

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