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Lynton Research Digest

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Lynton Research Digest - 26th Nov 2003

Chutney Technologies raises $4.5 million to fund new products, operations and customer support

Proving that you can still get money to develop cache-based software (albeit built round what seems to be a persistent store), Chutney Technologies has secured $4.5 million in a second round of funding led by Clearstone Venture Partners. Other investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sevin Rosen Funds, and select individual investors.

See Chutney Technologies Closes $4.5 Million in Funding.

No doubt we will now see more development and marketing of Apptimizer (the original product), StateStore ("a highly available, low-cost session storage solution") and any new products built on the same technology.

DataMirror Q3 results

Revenue for Q3 of fiscal 2004 ending October was CDN$16.1 million, as compared to CDN$15.7 million for Q3 fiscal 2002 - an increase of 2.1%. In US$ terms revenue was $11.8 million, up 18.2% from $10.0 million in the same quarter last year. Overall revenue grew by almost 13% over the second quarter and licence revenue was particularly strong, growing by almost 31% on the same basis (though only 1% up on Q3 fiscal 2003, it must be said).

See DataMirror Corp. reports Q3 profit of $1.9M after last year's $4.3M loss and DataMirror Announces Results for Third Quarter of Fiscal 2004.

Egenera bundles VMWare GSX on its BladeFrame

Now you can run different Intel-based O/S virtual machines (including Windows, Linux, and others) on each blade, as well as combining the resources of many blades using grid computing frameworks. See Egenera Announces Agreement With VMware .

Grid moves out of compute intensive apps in financial services

The Tabb Group says "grid is hot because it’s the right technology for its time and within the next five years it will be a de facto part and parcel of virtually every major financial markets firm’s infrastructure." They forecast 60% growth worldwide within 5 years and say "Web Services, BPEL and Peer 2 Peer are the Next Frontier".

See BobsGuide: Grid is Hot and Getting Hotter .

JBoss asks for help certifying against J2EE

"The support of industry leaders such as Borland Software Corporation, IONA, SchlumbergerSema, Sonic Software, Unisys and webMethods in this commitment indicates the importance of this certification." says Marc Fleury, JBoss Group founder and president. See JBoss press release and VNUnet: Middleware firms back JBoss J2EE.

Ironic that the great white hope of the "free" open source movement is now soliciting (and seems to be getting) megabucks worth of industry welfare support (in cash and kind) for its certification efforts. At least now they're on a level playing field with smaller (paying) J2EE licensees.

The Myth of the disappearing interface

A classic justification for EAI implementations is that they result in dramatically fewer interfaces than traditional point-to-point approaches. But it's not true, says this perceptive Business Integration Journal report.

Thank goodness we didn't seem to know that in the glory days of Constellar!

Prebon Yamane runs Global Broking system on BEA WebLogic and Persistence EdgeXtend

The Global Broking System System, a straight-through processing application which is one of Prebon’s largest information technology projects to date, has been launched in London and New York, and is scheduled to be followed by a worldwide rollout to more than 20 other offices. BEA WebLogic Server combines with Persistence Software’s EdgeXtend caching software and Oracle databases and can enable the company’s users worldwide to have fast, simultaneous access to information though the synchronization of cached object data across geographically dispersed servers.

See BEA press release: Prebon Yamane Moves to Straight-Through Processing....

Versant Q4 results: more or less breakeven, and revenue up 22% year on year

For Q4 to end October, Versant reported total revenue of $5.7 million, of which 49% was licenses. Excluding a non-cash charge relating to the Mokume acquisition, the company had positive pro forma earnings of $407,000. Revenues for FY 2003 were up 11% over FY 2002 (ie about $22.2 million - up from just under $20 million last year, but way down from $28.2 million in 2000).

See Versant Announces Fourth Quarter and Year End 2003 Results.

You can see quarterly and annual data at Yahoo Finance: VSNT Income statement.

webMethods offers royalty-free Glue to ISVs

Following its recent purchase of TheMindElectric, webMethods is now offering a royalty free Glue license to OEMs, ISVs and device manufacturers. Glue is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and lightweight server for creating and deploying distributed applications with Web services. Graham Glass, formerly of TME and now webMethods' CTO, says "companies can turn to webMethods Glue as the easy, effective solution to embed Web services capabilities into their own products".

See webMethods Glue OEM Edition and webMethods offers royalty free OEM license of webMethods Glue.

Note that royalty-free does not mean entirely free. There is a free "standard" option (with limited capacity and no support) but there are certainly costs for the "professional" edition. As it says, "royalty-free licensing, support and maintenance are included and priced separately."

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