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Market Research Digest - 11 Sept 02

SpiritSoft's Open JMS Framework Selected by

September 10, 2002. SpiritSoft]] , the leading provider of open-standard messaging technologies, today [10 Sep] announced that will deploy SpiritWave (tm) Open JMS Framework and JMS driver for Tibco Rendezvous. SpiritSoft's technology will extend the functionality of's existing enterprise messaging system and connect new Java-based applications. press release


Web services remain largely an inside-the-firewall phenomenon, used primarily for in-house corporate objectives such as application integration. A big exception to the trend is Amazon, which has initiated a public Web services program that lets Web site owners and developers include Amazon features and information on their sites, and make money while doing so. It's one of the first big public roll-outs of Web services. In Part 1 of a two-part column, we ( take an insider's look at the Amazon project, examining the business drivers behind the effort, seeing how it was rolled out, and finding out what the top executives in charge of the project have learned from it. SearchWebServices

Interesting background on our new customer, and how they have extended their associate programme using very simple XML and Web services technology

BEA Ships WebLogic JRockit 7.0, Now Optimized for All Intel-based Servers

Collaboration With Intel Delivers Unparalleled Combination of Price, Performance and Choice to Enterprise Customers Like McKesson Corporation. SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 9 -- BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS - News), the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced the general of BEA WebLogic JRockit 7.0, the next generation of its Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Optimized for all IntelŪ-based servers, including both the IntelŪ Xeon(TM) and ItaniumŪ architectures, BEA WebLogic JRockit 7.0 is the keystone in BEA's strategy to give its customers a superior combination of price and performance for Java enterprise computing. BEA WebLogic JRockit enables companies to run Java applications on a broad range of widely-used and affordable Intel-based servers, thereby helping to lower the total cost of ownership for enterprise computing. As one of the only truly independent enterprise software vendors, BEA offers customers the freedom to choose the server hardware and operating systems that best matches their IT needs and resources. Yahoo News TheServerSide

And Wiley offers management of the JRockit JVM using Introscope


JRockit 7.0 will be available free of charge


Cocobase adds JMS option to support caching

Thought Inc. today announced a new version of CocoBase Enterprise O/R. In the new version, CocoBase has expanded available caching options with an implementation of a JMS based distributed cache that can be used with clustering. It is based on the current JMS specification and integrates with third party JMS Messaging software. TheServerSide

IONA Signs Alliance Agreement With Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications -SWIFT

(5 Aug 02) Alliance Supports Delivery of SWIFT standard messaging via IONA's Orbix E2A Web Services Integration Platform; Highlights Web Services as Mechanism to Extend SWIFT and ISO-15022 Integration to Buy-side Participants

IONA will work with SWIFT to drive the adoption of Web services as a mechanism to extend industry integration to financial institutions of all sizes, including the growing number of smaller buy-side participants, such as investment managers and hedge funds. "Using a simpler and lower cost mechanism, like Web services, to extend SWIFT integration and leverage new standards, like ISO-15022, especially for buy-side participants, is really quite innovative and practical," said Linda Bookheim, Partner Solutions Business Manager at SWIFT. "As IONA looks to extend connectivity to SWIFT, we are pleased to welcome them as a SWIFT registered partner." press release

As SWIFT moves to its new XML based messaging, the existing (EDI based) SWIFT installed base will be looking for affordable migration/upgrade paths for their financial messaging needs

Next Generation Enterprise Apps

This Infoworld article, reprinted in an Asian site aimed at SMEs, puts the case for web services and lighter weight integration frameworks like Biztalk and SonicXQ, Silverstream etc as an alternative to "traditional EAI engines" InfoWorld article

Pegasystems Rules Engine Validated with Siebel

09/04/02, 8:30 a.m. EDT--Pegasystems, a provider of rules-driven business process automation software, has joined the Siebel Alliance Program as a base software partner and has validated the integration of its PegaWorks Rules Engine 7.2 and Siebel eBusiness Applications 6. The integration of the two products aims to help businesses minimize manual work efforts and integrate front- and back-office processes from point of contact to execution.

With PegaIntegrator , users of Siebel eBusiness Applications can invoke a PegaWorks Rules Engine workflow through a frame in the Siebel client. Organizations can deploy Pegasystems' preconfigured, industry-specific service and exception management workflows or create custom workflow processes. press release

Pegasystems is one of several less widely known Rules engine vendors competing with Blaze, ILOG, Haley, Savvion etc

Plumtree Software won't be swallowed - Recent IPO turns down merger offer

NEW YORK (CBS.MW) - Shares of Plumtree Software fell 13 percent Thursday after the San Francisco firm said it won't accept a buyout offer from Sutter Opportunity Fund. Plumtree CEO John Kunze said in a statement that the company studied the offer, but concluded that it would "not be beneifical to Plumtree or its shareholders." Plumtree (PLUM: news, chart, profile) went public on June 3 at $8.50 per share with underwriter Goldman Sachs. The San Francisco-based maker of software to help build corporate Internet portals has since hit a low of $2.40 per share amid a tech meltdown.

Still tough to call valuations out there - this IPO has done nothing but tumble; Plumtree's portal business is under heavy attack by big boys BEA, IBM, Oracle and others...


OASIS has put the finishing touches on the ebXML Messaging Service Specification version 2.0. The ebXML Messaging Service standard offers a secure method for exchanging electronic business transactions over the Internet. ebXML Messaging Service v2 was developed by a mixture of major high-tech firms, including Commerce One, Cyclone Commerce, eXcelon, Fujitsu, GlobaleXchangeServices, IBM, Intel, Mercator, SAP, SeeBeyond , SonicSoftware, Sterling Commerce, SunMicrosystems, Sybase, webMethods, and other OASIS Contributor and Individual members. InternetNews

Albeit agonizingly slowly, mature B2B messaging technologies are gradually emerging from the maw of the standards bodies...

Reuters Group Sells 29,425 Tibco Software Common Shares

Reuters Group PLC (RTRSY) sold 29,425 shares of Tibco Software Inc. (TIBX) common stock last week, according to a filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Reuters sold the shares last Tuesday for $3.996 a share, reducing its holdings to 104,964,854 shares, the filing said. Tibco shares recently traded around $4.39, down 11 cents.

This was from Dow Jones; a separate report on Yahoo quoted just 5,250 TIBX shares. Insider trades reported on Yahoo at Yahoo show sales during July of 340,899 and June of 317,900 shares in TIBX. A further 900,000+ shares were sold (at much better prices) during January - April this year.

SwiftMQ supports JDBC, including TimesTen cached database, for message store

JDBC Store Swiftlet 3.3.0 supports now the ultra-fast TimesTen(R) system! (IIT's SwiftMQ team has) just (in June - sorry for late find) released the JDBC Store Swiftlet 3.3.0 which supports the TimesTen(R) Real-Time Event Processing System. TimesTen(R) is an infrastructure software product that enables very high performance event-processing applications to capture, store, use, and distribute information in real-time, while preserving transactional integrity and continuous availability. With TimesTen, applications can process massive transaction volumes and respond instantly to requests - using less expensive hardware configurations than conventional software architectures require. The need for TimesTen is common for applications in telecom and networking, financial services, travel and logistics, and real-time enterprises. For a performance profile, see

Sybase and the Irony of Integration

An interesting take on SybaseInc 's integration aspirations eWeek

IBM approves Tangosol Coherence for WebSphere

04 September 2002 - IBM has approved Tangosol oherence as a qualified "Powered by WebSphere " solution. IBM WebSphere software is recognized throughout the industry for its reliability and manageability. Tangosol Coherence brings the benefits of clustering to WebSphere customers, including unparalleled reliability and scalability. Using the in-memory HTTP Session replication capabilities of Coherence, IBM WebSphere customers can start enjoying the benefits of clustered performance and Tangosol's renowned reliablity in their IBM WebSphere applications today. news . See also coherence-benefits.pdf Although not based on JcacheJSR, Tangosol is perhaps the nearest competitor to SpiritCache - with the added benefit of coherent caching (ie synchronized caches with locking and transactional control).

Versata Reduces Q3 Net Loss by 40% from Q2

Pro-Forma Net Loss Reduced by 49% and Cash burn Reduced to $1.4 Million OAKLAND, Calif., September 5, 2002 - VersataInc. (Nasdaq: VATA) a provider of software and services that automate the business logic and processes that power enterprise applications, today announced its results for the third fiscal quarter, ended July 31, 2002. Total revenues for the third fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2002 were $4.6 million, an increase of 2.0% from $4.5 million for the quarter ended April 30, 2002. The pro forma net loss, which excludes non-cash stock compensation charges, amortization of intangibles and non-recurring expenses, was $1.3 million or $0.18 per share for the quarter ended July 31, 2002, compared to $2.6 million or $0.36 per share for the quarter ended April 30, 2002. On a GAAP basis, the net loss for the third quarter 2002 was $2.4 million or $0.34 per share, compared to $4.0 million or $0.56 per share for the quarter ended April 30, 2002. press release

webMethods Partners With Omgeo to Provide the Securities Industry With Seamless Integration of Straight-Through Processing Solutions

As an Early Supporter of Omgeo Central Trade Manager(SM), WebMethods is Ensuring Secure and Reliable Implementation of STP Initiatives FAIRFAX, Va., Sept. 9 -- webMethods, Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM - News), the leading provider of integration software, today announced a strategic partnership with Omgeo, the leading provider of global trade management solutions, to give greater flexibility and ease of use for securities firms implementing trade management solutions for straight-through processing (STP) initiatives. webMethods is working with customers to support implementations of FIX, GSTPA, SWIFT, IFX, OFX, and ACORD, and provides a comprehensive foundation for integrating data from a full range of applications, including packaged and custom applications, legacy and mainframe systems. Yahoo News Good, relevant vertical market partnering... helps position webMethods alongside financial veterans like Mercator, Sungard etc

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