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Market Research Digest 5th Dec 2002

Charteris Unveils XML Integration Tool Kit

12/03/02, 2:30 p.m. EST--Charteris is out with an XML Integration Toolkit, designed to solve problems associated with XML and data interoperability. The company says developers can use the toolkit to build XML translations with guaranteed round-trip accuracy, solve the N-squared translation cost problem, write XML queries which run unchanged on different XML languages, build applications which adapt to new XML languages with no code changes, and translate between XML and relational databases.

To do that, developers define the information content of any XML language by mapping it onto a UML object model. XML queries and applications are then written in terms of the object model, insulated from XML tree structure. XML translations are made automatically through the object model, and can be deployed as XSLT. And relational data can be mapped onto the object model, to give accurate XML-RDB translations.

Charteris is a UK consultancy _I looked into buying this technology for Constellar then DataMirror two years ago; it was then at prototype stage. It has now been cleaned up (using UML instead of DAML, for example) so could be of interest as a complex mapping technology on top of IntegrationServer, in cases where XSLT is too hard, or GUI tools are needed.

New in Collaxa 2.0 Asynchronous Conversations

  • Multi-step Workflow (BPEL4WS)

  • Compensating Transactions

  • Collaborative Portlets

  • BEA Workshop Interoperability

  • .Net Interoperability

  • Visual BPEL Scenario Wizard

How to create a JMS bridge for MSMQ

"We need a JMS bridge for MSMQ, so that we can receive/send messages to MSMQ and have Java Message Driven Beans act on messages from MSMQ. How can this be done? I see that FioranoMQ have a JMS Implementation which bridges to MSMQ but it is quite expensive and is a complete JMS implementation. We already have Weblogic's JMS implementation. We have thought about bridging ourselves using Jintegra or JCom but it gets quite complicated. Any suggestions on how to do it ourselves or a bridge product would be very useful. "

CLICK here for Silvano Maffeis's answer... NB he is CTO at SoftWired,289625,sid26_cid504446_tax287612,00.html

The answer seems to be "do it yourself" - which seems rather tough for someone who has already tried Jintegra and failed

Object Relational Tool Comparison

A page on the wikiweb entitled "Object Relational Tool Comparison" has been published that lists all the O/R products and frameworks available for java developers. The page lists them by criteria such as which ones have GUI mappers, which are free, which support ternary relationships, etc. See the Object Relational Tool Comparison here:

Persistence Software Receives $2 Million Equity Investment From Needham Capital Partners

SAN MATEO, Calif., Nov. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Persistence® Software (Nasdaq: PRSW - News), a provider of data services software for distributed data access and management, today announced that Needham Capital Partners has made a $2.0 million equity investment by purchasing 3,758,692 shares of newly issued Persistence common stock in a private placement at a price of $0.53 per share. Needham also received warrants to purchase an additional 1,205,130 shares at $0.75 per share.

Recent PRSW events: Oct 29 Price hit new 52-week low ($0.26)

See for profile, market cap etc

Price spiked to 0.80c after announcement, settling down later. _They had nearly $7M on hand at the end of the last quarter; $2M more doesn't seem to make that much odds. I wonder why they took it? Press release just says "compelling value proposition ... general corporate purposes ... blah blah"_

UberMQ open source JMS launched

Our flagship product, UberMQ, is an open-source implementation of the JMS 1.0.2b pub/sub API. It is a clean-room implementation based on Java NIO to deliver unprecented speed, scalability and customizability for your distributed software needs.

UberMQ is free software, licensed under the LGPL. UberMQ 1.1 features:

  • Based on the Java NIO library for speed and scalability

  • Robust durable subscription implementation

  • Customizable overflow handling

  • Low latency, high throughput guaranteed messaging

  • Message viewer GUI to examine your message traffic

  • Pluggable wire and transport protocols - reliable multicast and TCP out of the box.

Note - absolutely pub/sub only (at this point - point-to-point followed later)

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