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15 May 2002 - Market Research Digest

BEA Systems profit falls - But excluding items, software provider tops views

BEA said its pro forma profit, excluding charges, was $25.2 million, or 6 cents a share, compared with $35.9 million, or 8 cents a share, in the year-ago period.The year-ago figure includes $16 million in items related to the amortization of goodwill. Including $21.9 million in losses on investments, as well as charges related to deferred stock compensation expense and employer payroll taxes on stock options, BEA's profit was $3.9 million, or 1 cent a share, in the latest period. Revenue fell to $224.8 million from $257.2 million in what Chief Executive Alfred Chuang described as a "challenging IT [information technology] environment." Respondents to First Call had forseen a figure of $223.3 million. The company added more than 500 new customers during the quarter.

The company recorded $131MM in license revenue... release and full figures:

BEA's Integration Business Grows 76 Percent, Outpacing the Market by Two-Fold; More Than 130 New Customers and Key Systems Integrators Fuel Growth

May 8 BEA Systems, Inc., the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced that its software integration business grew 76 percent quarter over quarter in its fiscal fourth quarter. With more than 130 BEA WebLogic Integration(TM) customers in its first seven months, and strong relationships with leading systems integrators, BEA's integration business is outpacing the market by two-fold. According to research firm IDC (March 2002), the integration server software market grew 34.3 percent in 2001 to $1.86 billion. The much faster growth in BEA's integration business has been fueled by the ability of BEA WebLogic Integration to help customers quickly solve supply and demand chain integration challenges, integrate complex order management systems and enable business process automation to deliver significant returns on investment. BEA has attracted systems integrators such as Computer Sciences Corporation, Mphasis and Xcelerate to build integration solutions for joint customers such as Motorola, Pfizer, and JPMorgan Chase. Additional BEA WebLogic Integration customers include: Connecticut Broadband, Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, Jefferson County (Colo.), Nomura Holdings, Inc., Sovereign Bank, Telecom Italia Mobile and Verizon.

BEA Portal Customer Base Hits 600

Identified as Market Leader; BEA Portal Customers Realize Immediate Savings; Gartner Identifies BEA As a Leader in Portal Product Market May 8 -- BEA Systems, Inc., the world's leading application infrastructure software company, today announced that its portal software, including the award-winning BEA WebLogic Portal(TM), boasts an installed base of nearly 600 portal customers. In addition to having one of the largest customer bases, BEA has been identified as a portal product market leader by industry organizations such as research and advisory firm Gartner and the Software & Information Industry Association.

BindStudio ebXML modeling tool from BindSystems: Product Brief

Bind Systems, a privately held company with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, is a fairly new player in the B2B arena. In 2001, the company released BindStudio, the first member of an e-Business software product suite. BindStudio, now at version 1.1, is a modeling tool purposely built for capturing collaborative process semantics, enabling business analysts to model public processes. It supports the Unified Modelinq Methodology (UMM), a modeling methodology defined by the UN/CEFACT. The UMM business process and information modeling technique is based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) from the Open Management Group (OMG). BindPartner, which has not been officially released yet, is an ebXML Broker. It manages the model driven execution of shared business processes (public processes) within and between organizations. BindPartner encompasses two major components: BindPartner Server and BindPartner Management Console.

Read the product brief at:,289142,sid26_gci821800,00.html Possible collaborator (or competitor?) in manufacturing / B2B space and Workflow Management Coalition to meet

The Business Process Management Initiative ( and the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) have announced that both groups have agreed to a first-ever formal joint meeting to be held in London Wednesday June 26, 2002.Joint work will spotlight development of standards for Business Process Management and Workflow, with collaboration focusing on the use of’s Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) for describing workflow processes, according to the workflow model defined by the WfMC.

see and for more information

Competition Intensifies in Integration Broker Market, says Gartner Dataquest

05/07/02--Revenue for the worldwide integration broker suite market grew 7 percent in 2001, down significantly from 2000's 108 percent growth rate, according to a new report by research and advisory firm Gartner's Dataquest unit. The Gartner Dataquest research brief, "Integration Broker Suite Market Share Battle Continues" also says the market shows increasing competition and will face continued competitive pressure for additional product features and more pricing discounts. The Gartner Dataquest research suggests that the Web services and e-business platform push has brought new competition into the integration broker market from large vendors such as Oracle, SAP and Sun, forcing existing integration broker suite vendors to review and modify their market strategies. "This comes at a bad time for some of the pure-play integration suite vendors as they struggle to keep their cash flow positive and costs under control," says Joanne Correia, vice president for Gartner Dataquest's Software Industry Research group. "This war is not going to be won with the best technology but with good vertical expertise with strong sales and channel partners and the ability to capture revenue from other geographic regions beyond the United States."

Report costs $495, so we'll wait for someone else to leak the details...

IBM WebSphere updates launched

This week IBM launched a raft of new WebSphere products at its DeveloperWorks Live 2002 conference in San Francisco.

IBM pulls off Database coup

IBM has finally managed to oust Oracle as the number one database vendor according to Gartner's latest assessment of the market.

Though only by spending $1 billion on Informix and $1 billion on marketing; and Oracle still leads more than 2:1 in Unix (go Larry!)

IONA Orbix E2A AppServer Platform 5.1 Released

IONA Orbix E2A Application Server Platform 5.1 is now available for download. Orbix E2A combines a fully certified J2EE application server, the most widely deployed CORBA ORB, and a Web services development and deployment environment. This release adds the following new features:

  • J2EE 1.3 functionality including EJB 2.0 with Message Driven Beans, Servlets 2.3, and JSP 1.2 support

  • JMS support

  • Transparent Enterprise Deployment to add enterprise qualities of service at run-time simply through configuration

  • CORBA Telecom Logging Specification support

  • CORBA Trader Service support

  • Improved Web Services Support

Iona ships SonicMQ as part of iPAS, and so presumably as part of E2A as well...


Jenz & Partner (from SearchWebServices) IONA's Web Services Integration Platform supports several standards including ebXML, RosettaNet, cXML, xCBL, and EDI. Adapters are provided for technologies, such as CORBA, J2EE, JMS, and IBM's MQSeries. In addition, IONA has adapters for application systems from popular vendors, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Siebel.,289142,sid26_gci823097,00.html

The JACOB Project: A JAva-COM Bridge

Now you can call COM Automation from any Win32 Java VM using JNI - allows Java to call local (EXE) and in-process (DLL) COM Automation servers.

Java Community Process releases a swathe of specs

The JCP has had a spring clean; all the following have been released finally...

(~) note these are sub-specs for J2SE 1.4 () note these two are final releases after maintenance

  • JSR-000006 Unified Printing API ()

  • JSR-000010 Preferences API Specification (~)

  • JSR-000015 Image I/O Framework Specification

  • JSR-000041 A Simple Assertion Facility (~)

  • JSR-000047 Logging API Specification () (~)

  • JSR-000051 New I/O APIs for the Java Platform (as being used for SpiritWave 5.something) (~)

  • JSR-000054 JDBC 3.0 Specification (~)

  • JSR-000055 Certification Path API (~)

  • JSR-000057 Long-Term Persistence for JavaBeans (~)

  • JSR-000059 J2SE Merlin Release Contents (next J2SE)

  • JSR-000072 Java GSS (General Security Services) API - provides a layer of abstraction over security mechanisms that perform authentication, message integrity protection, and message privacy protection

SeeBeyond Experiences Largest License Revenue Growth Among Worldwide Integration Vendors

Latest Analyst Report Identifies SeeBeyond as the Integration Vendor With Largest Gain in License Revenue Growth for 2001 May 13, 2002-- SeeBeyond, the leading global provider of eBusiness and Application Integration (eAI) solutions, today announced that a recent report on the integration broker market published by Gartner Dataquest, an independent industry research and advisory firm, recognized SeeBeyond's advancement into the top five Worldwide Integration Broker Suite Vendors for 2001. With a 68 percent increase in new license revenue for 2001, SeeBeyond surpassed its closest competitor's growth rate by nearly two-fold.

_Compare with other similar stories, from:

  • BEA (this edition)

  • Tibco (3 May 02)

  • WebMethods (1 Feb 02)_

Software AG Launches XML Integration Tool

05/10/02--Software AG Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of systems software provider Software AG, has released XML Mediator, a new tool for building XML information exchange hubs. XML Mediator helps companies integrate XML documents with less dependence on proprietary business integration tools. It automates the processing and dispatching of XML documents by applying rules based on the content and structure of the documents. XMLMediator provides a framework for addressing the problem of diverse XML vocabularies and supports data exchange standards such as ACORD, IFX, FIXML, PIDX and CIDX. It can route documents or messages to an appropriate destination or transform the content to other XML formats or presentation styles, such as HTML, PDF or WML. Its routing rules can be modified dynamically, allowing users to add new applications for specific tasks without modifying existing applications.

Possible PolarLake competition?

Sterling Commerce Adding Web Services Functionality

05/07/02--SBC Communications subsidiary Sterling Commerce has announced its roadmap for incorporating Web services capabilities into its solutions. Over the next year, Sterling Commerce will integrate Web services enabling technologies into the Sterling Integrator platform, focusing on WSDL and UDDI capabilities. Web services capabilities will also be added to Sterling Commerce's electronic trading network services. Sterling Integrator is an open standards-based platform that provides both enterprise and trading network integration capabilities to help companies link disparate applications and systems and automate business processes. The most recent version, announced last month, added SOAP support and an implementation of the ebXML Messaging Service 2.0. WSDL support will allow SOAP-enabled data sources to be described to users throughout electronic commerce communities, and UDDI will enable enterprises to create directories of services for use by electronic business partners

Even the most traditional EDI/EAI vendors are embracing web services technology. This confirms that pure-play web services (like pure-play B2B in the past) will be squeezed out by generalist integrators.

Tibco releases JMS wrapper for Rendezvous - perhaps?

BNP tells us that Tibco has now released a JMS driver/adapter (native Java client) for RendezVous. We are investigating further. Note that there has been no obvious announcement, and no change to; it is always possible that BNP has misinterpreted the functionality of Tibco Enterprise for JMS, which includes "Seamless bi-directional connectivity with TIBCO Rendezvous, including support for certified messaging "

RV product management is a mess - look at the downloads (offers 7.0, takes you to 6.9; offers RendezvousTX 1.3 but takes you to 1.2)

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