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17 April 2002 - Market Research Digest

AttunityLtd Announces Fourth Quarter and 2001 Fiscal Year-End Results; Forecasts Profitability in Q1 and Turnaround Year in 2002

April 15, 2002 Total revenues for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2001 were $2,102,000, down 33.6 percent from $3,170,000 for the same period in the prior year. Net loss for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2001 was $8,176,000 or $0.61 per share on a fully diluted basis. The net loss for the quarter included $4,009,000 of impairment of investment, restructuring costs, goodwill amortization and discontinued operations. For the corresponding period in 2000, the net loss was $13,856,000 or $1.30 per share, including $8,896,000 of impairment of investment, goodwill amortization and discontinued operations. Cash balances and securities increased from $1,013,000 at the end of Q3 2001 to $3,268,000 at the end of Q4 2001.

Total revenues in 2001 decreased by 9.6% to $16,869,000 from $18,671,000 in 2000. Gross profit for 2001 was $8,418,000 compared with $10,326,000 in 2000. The Company's net loss was $15,631,000 or $1.34 loss per share compared with net loss of $31,301,000 or $3.18 loss per share in 2000.

Attunity is a SpiritSoft partner, strong in data access (Attunity Connect) and somewhat weaker in BPM

The Butler Group on Application Servers

BEA (BeaSystemsInc) has enjoyed a comfortable lead for the last few years with its WebLogicServer, followed by IBM's (IBM) WebSphere, and SunMicrosystems was in third place with iPlanet. Giga's annual survey recently revealed that iPlanet had just 6% of the market in 2001, down from 9%, and Oracle had doubled its market share from 3% to 6%. IBM and BEA tied for joint first on 34%. The winning podium for the application server market is suddenly looking very different. Vendors are more aggressively marketing their product to specifically increase market share.[...] companies like Oracle, HP, IBM, and Sybase are attracting more customers; even "stealing" them from competition because they offer a comprehensive product set which provides tighter integration with their application server. Customers buying a particular product, for example a database or operating system, are more likely to buy the application server from the same vendor, even if the application server is not already bundled up with the product.

BEA and IBM still have a duopoly stranglehold on the paid for market; it would be interesting to see a comparison by volume (Oracle is cheaper, JBoss is free) as well as by value.

eXcelon Announces Results for the First Quarter of 2002

April 11, 2002--eXcelon Corporation (see ExcelonInc) today announced results for the quarter ending March 31, 2002. Total revenues for the first quarter were $11.1 million as compared to $15.3 million for the same period of 2001. Net loss for the first quarter was $4.8 million, or $0.08 loss per share, as compared with a net loss of $5 million, or $0.17 loss per share for the same period last year.

These results fall below the guidance given on February 13, 2002 when the company projected revenues for the first quarter of 2002 would be $12 to $14 million with a net loss of $1 to $3 million, or a $0.02 to $0.05 loss per share, before restructuring charges. The company's cash position as of March 31, 2002 was $21.5 million.

_Following on from annual results reported in last week's digest, Excelon continues its nosedive in performance. _

HYWY Announces PE:J 2.0 - Productivity Environment for Java

HYWY has released its Productivity Environment for Java Developer Edition (PE:J Release 2.0). PE:J provides round-trip engineering between UML models, reverse engineering, a JDO compliant O/R mapper, a JTA compliant transaction manager, JCACHE compliant distributed object cache, deployment to standard J2EE servers and more.

_HYWY software is a Canadian company quoted on Canadian Venture Exchange - revenue last year of $184k ($6k only in 2000) and lost $1.75M last year. Assets of $6.8M (all $ CDN I think).

A single copy of PE:J lists at $3999 (with no runtime license fee).

Currently supports only Oracle as RDBMS and WebLogic as J2EE; Rational Rose (native or Poseidon (ArgoUML development) via XMI file as UML source/target._

IBM, Microsoft offer security standard for Web services

April 11 (Reuters) - Three fierce technology rivals, IBM (IBM), MicroSoft Corp. and VeriSign Inc. on Thursday said they plan to work together to develop a common method called WS-Security, for securing the next generation of Internet business services.

Open3 Helps Integrate Windows Apps with JMS

04/15/02, 6:30 a.m. EDT--Messaging and integration infrastructure solutions provider Open3 Technologies has released Open3 WinJMS, a new product designed to integrate Windows applications with the Java Message Service. Open3 WinJMS allows Windows applications to utilize the JMS framework to connect to other systems on Windows, Unix, Linux and other Java-enabled platforms. It also enables Windows applications to integrate their data and functionality through the JMS framework.

"Open3 WinJMS directly supports Windows applications written in Visual Basic, VBScript, Visual C++ and .NET environments. It is compatible with any JMS 1.0.2 implementation, including Open3 EMS, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, SonicMQ and FioranoMQ."

Pricing $299.95/machine ($199 for 10+) Open3 also offers the Open3 E-Business Messaging Server 2.1 (for $699 single, $1999 cluster license, $299/developer)

Persistence Expands Relationship With Major Media Company And Announces Preliminary First Quarter Results

April 16 PersistenceInc. ... announced it has expanded its relationship with a major customer by finalizing a multi-year, multi-million dollar agreement to use Persistence's distributed dynamic caching software to build and deploy an exciting new application. Under the terms of the deal, Persistence will provide the customer its current PowerTier product as well as the newly released EdgeXtend product.

"this contract represents our first significant sale of the new EdgeXtend product"

With the deferral of revenue to the second quarter, Persistence expects the first quarter revenue to be between $2.1 and $2.3 million with loss per share of $0.15 to $0.16. The Company is targeting second quarter profitability on anticipated revenue in the range of $6 million, as a portion of the revenue from this transaction is recognized. The Company closed the first quarter with cash of $7.2 million, which reflects a cash use of only $200,000 from prior quarter.

EdgeXtend can be seen as competitive to SpiritCache; it is encouraging that they only have one "significant" sale, and that they aren't recognising revenue yet.

PrismTech launches OpenFusionJDO 1.1

Following final release of the JDO spec, PrismTech launched 1.1 GA and a series of webinars (presentations available on JDO and OpenFusion in \\file-1\marketing\Competitive_Positioning\Other_competitors or the Market Research PrismTech public folder). Implementation currently supports only mandatory features, only RDBMS (not OODBMS) - priced at $799/developer with no deployment.

SilverStream Offers eXtend Composer Connect for SAP

04/16/02,SilverStream Software has released eXtend Composer Connect for SAP, an integration solution that helps repurpose SAP business functions for use in Web services applications. The new technology allows customers to enable SAP remote function calls and business APIs to receive XML requests and produce XML responses, permitting them to interact with internal and external systems in real-time or asynchronously. Composer Connect for SAP is built on JCo, SAP's multithreaded high-performance interface for Java application integration, and provides connection and session pooling. In addition to access through JCo, eXtend Composer also supports integration via SAP's XML and IDoc document formats and includes built-in support for SOAP, WSDL, WSFL and UDDI.;jsessionid=%406969d3%3aed43607405?id=e6d41a2322f44d8fa9d8376f398e464c

DaimlerChrysler Services Management Awarded 'Best Service' for Progress-Based Application With SonicMQ Integration

April 15, 2002--Award-winner Uses Progress® OpenEdge(TM) for Front Office Systems, Integration, and Web-enablement; Cited for Functionality, Transparency, User-friendly access, and Ease of Customization ...DCSFM is also using Sonic Software's SonicMQ® messaging backbone, the integration component of OpenEdge, to integrate their Oracle, Prolog, and Progress-based business applications.

From the "about" section: "Sonic is the world's fastest growing Internet middleware company and counts leaders in financial services, energy, telecommunications and manufacturing among its over 500 customers"

SpiritSoft and Insevo partnership

SpiritSoft and Insevo will jointly promote the companies' complementary technologies to offer an integration solution that allows large enterprises to integrate and Web-enable their back-end applications at the same time.

Insevo offers J2EE CA based connectors to enterprise systems including SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft

Sun rebrands software around ONE,3658,s=1884&a=25555,00.asp

Sun has re-branded all of its iPlanet applications, Forte tools, Star Office and Chili!Soft product lines under the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) brand name. The move integrates Sun's key technologies for delivering Web services under the Sun ONE platform, which is targeted at delivering services on demand and rivals Microsoft's .NET strategy.

Will rebranding make the products any better?

Sun releases JWSD: A Necessity For Java-Based Web Services

(Chris Dial; Forrester 10 Apr 02) Sun released a new developer pack for building Web services with Java last week. Although this pack is immature now, firms should test it out on connections to internal applications and push app server vendors for easy-to-use tools.

See: (Early Access 2 version)

Also at JavaOne last week Sun announced a new testing suite for applications written to the J2EE specification. ISVs and startups will embrace this tool and abandon costly partnerships with app server vendors like BEA systems and IBM

Talarian Extends SmartSockets' Solution With Three New Products

April 15, 2002--Talarian® Corporation a leading provider of software infrastructure solutions that deliver data and content in real time, today announced the general availability of SmartSockets® 6.2. The newest version of Talarian's flagship product introduces three new add-on products (SmartSockets Cache(TM), SmartSockets Live Web(TM) and SmartSockets Monitor(TM)). as well as improved server extensions and multiple server connections.

SmartSockets Cache seems totally focussed at last message caching - it is not a general purpose cache like SpiritCache.

TIBCO Software Takes Enterprise Portals to Next Level With Integrated Workflow And Web Services

TIBCO Software Inc. today announced version 4.0 of its TIBCO ActivePortal(TM) product line. TIBCO ActivePortal is a user

integration platform that allows companies to give their employees, customers and partners a single, personalized interface into their businesses. Version 4.0 adds Web Services support and advanced integration with TIBCO's sophisticated workflow and business process management functionality.

Portals seem to be the latest rage, as standardisation efforts continue; they give integration companies like Tibco a foot into the application market

XIAM rocks in US

(Infoconomist Deal Watch - Thursday, 11th April 2002) Irish mobile messaging applications software company XIAM has won a contract to supply US telco Midwest Wireless with a wireless content and messaging platform to increase its offering of value-added services. Financial details have not been released.

XIAM is PolarLake's parent company - PolarLake is a SpiritSoft partner see .

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