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Market Research Digest - 22 August 2002

Adobe renews contract with Haley

Adobe renews their contract for the fifth consecutive year. Haley's rules technology is embedded into PageMaker® and InDesign® giving each product unique capabilities over its competition Haley is one of several well established vendors of RETE based "rules engines", alongside ILOG, Blaze and others.

App servers in battle for OEMs

OEM deals have gained in significance for application server maker BEA Systems since it first brought the WebLogic server on the scene. The company will often herald its position as an independent app server vendor vs. database and applications house Oracle, as it pursues bigger and bigger deals with ERP and CRM stalwarts such as PeopleSoft Inc.

What’s behind BEA’s big bet on tools?

Gives you a great background on BEA’s rise to power, their new strategy with tools, and what they need to do to succeed in the future. by Jack Vaughan, ADT Magazine (thanks Eric)

BEA Continues Integration Drive

BEA Systems Inc continued to ramp up its integration offering,announcing that it plans to launch 30 new BEA-branded integration adapters for BEA WebLogic integration at the end of August. With the new adapters, BEA now offers a total of more than 150 integration adapters....

BPEL4WS - Web Services Process Standards With Muscle (Forrester opinion on BPEL4WS)

BEA, IBM, and Microsoft have joined forces on Web services process standards. An impatient industry has also created the WSCI and BPML alternatives. Our [take? The combined power of BEA, IBM, and Microsoft will make the new specs the winners.

Although BPEL4WS lacks differentiating features [from BPML], WS-Coordination and WS-Transaction lay the right foundation to win the process standards war.,1317,15532,FF.html Story at and

Caplin - Making the Internet Real-Time (Butler Group opinion)

For many of us the availability of data that is updated on an hourly basis is quite adequate, and the Internet certainly supports this level of immediacy. However, the financial services industry needs real-time data feeds for prices of a whole array of trading instruments. Anything less that sub-second updates are not sufficient to trade with, and as such the Internet has not proved to offer the real-time trading environment this industry needs...{10A7CF0A-2C50-4F9E-9201-F8D68AC6B54B Identifies the opportunity for low cost, high performance internet messaging - as does the following:

Next-Generation Messaging

Companies looking at Web messaging technologies to distribute information between applications over the Internet need to know how to judge the various solutions on the market. This article, by KnowNow's Rick Caccia, examines the considerations for Web-native messaging and what's required from a messaging solution.

IDS Scheer and Intalio to Develop BPM Solution

08/06/02-IDS Scheer, a provider of business process services and tools, has extended its relationship with BusinessProcessManagement (BPM) software developer IntalioInc. The two companies will work together to develop a joint solution that integrates the Intalio|n3 BPM system into IDS Scheer's ARIS Tools to help companies design, implement, execute and manage intra- and interenterprise processes. ARIS is a business process modeling solution that manages the business process life cycle, from the design and deployment of business processes to their operative execution and optimization. The combined solution will enable IDS Scheer customers to use ARIS to create executable business processes, including all the required system bindings and messaging for the collaboration of multiple process parties. The first phase of the joint product will be available in the fourth quarter.

IDS Scheer is a long-time CASE tool supplier, specialising in the mainframe market; Intalio is one of the founders of BPMI, developing BPML ---+Microsoft's Apache Support Shows Maturity

Microsoft has worked with Covalent to create an ASP.NET compatible version of the open source Apache Web server. Smart move: It costs Microsoft nothing and sets the stage for a richer software ecosystem around .NET

The Mind Electric connects with developers, looks ahead to grids

Young Web services player TheMindElectric is already looking beyond Web services to its equally anticipated cousin, grid computing. The451 believes the company is facing stiffer competition than it may realize, but its wild popularity among developers and bold grid computing initiatives could be key ingredients in a recipe for success.,289142,sid26_gci842794,00.html

Dell and Oracle launch assault on $1bn app server market

Dell customers will soon be offered access to OracleCorp's application server software - technology that runs ebusiness and other Web site transactions - as part of a joint alliance that will be unveiled later today. Analysts say they expect Dell will help Oracle make further inroads into the $1bn-a-year market for application servers, crucial software that's become a standard piece of ebusiness infrastructure. Oracle ranks third with 12 per cent of the bundled application server market, behind leaders IBM and BEA, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Pramati wins US retail foothold

"With Prices Dropping, Application Servers Become Just Another Commodity",3555,10493_1443281,00.html

Sun to fund open-source Java efforts

SunMicrosystems is working to make good on its promises to the open-source community. Sun announced a $3 million scholarship program to help software developers build open-source implementations of Java standards. The money is aimed at helping programmers pay for Sun's technical support services as they undergo Sun's stringent Java compatibility tests, said Glen Martin, a Sun senior marketing manager. The program is expected to help fund 30 development efforts a year for three years, he said.,1072,47305,00.html Like New Labour, this money has been announced before - at JavaOne in March this year. See (aptly cynical) commentary at

Workflow Process Definition Interface -- XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) 1.0 Beta

The 1.0 Beta for XPDL has now been posted to the WfMC web site and is available to the public

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