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Market Research Digest - 31 Dec 2002

Aberdeen forecasts spending rise in 2003

According to a new report by analysts at the Boston-based Aberdeen Group, worldwide spending on IT products and services will increase 4.0% in 2003, with U.S. spending projected to increase 3.6%.

The newly published report, "Worldwide IT Spending 2003-2006: Measuring the Incremental Recovery," pegs total worldwide IT spending in 2003 at $1.26 trillion and projects it to reach $1.44 trillion by 2006. However, the report notes that overall long-term growth -- projected at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% to 5% worldwide and 5% to 6% in the U.S. -- will be less than that experienced in the late 1990s, limited by gross domestic product (GDP) growth and top-line corporate revenue.

North America leads all other regions in projected 2003 spending, followed by Europe and the Asia-Pacific Rim. IT spending growth from 2003 to 2006 in these three leading regions will be led by the Asia-Pacific Rim at a CAGR of 6.5%, followed by North America at 4.9% and Europe at 2.6%.

Other research groups have different ideas:

  • IDC: 2-5% - tilted towards services, hardware and wireless

  • Forrester: 1%

BEA releases Tuxedo 8.0 on NonStop Himalaya platform

Bidirectional interoperability between BEA WebLogic Server and NonStop Tuxedo applications enables WebLogic Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) clients to invoke Tuxedo services, and Tuxedo clients to invoke WebLogic EJBs. It also enables customers to easily expose NonStop Tuxedo applications as Web services using WebLogic Workshop tools—enabling access for any Web service clients using standard SOAP and XML protocols, including Microsoft .NET.

Eclipse aims to extend testing

The Eclipse standards consortium ( has launched an effort to allow the integration of testing and other automated software quality tools from multiple vendors. The effort was organized by Eclipse members IBM (, Parasoft (, Rational Software (, Scapa Technologies ( and Telelogic (

According to Eclipse officials, the so-celled Project Hyades framework (named after one of the largest visible star clusters outlining the head of the constellation Taurus) will ease efforts to integrate a variety of functional verification, quality assessment and load-testing tools with the Eclipse Platform's workbench and other tools.

Eclipse Board Chairman Skip McGaughey, on loan to the organization from IBM, described the effort as a "major step for Eclipse, adding deployment evaluation functionality to the original [Eclipse] Integrated Development Environment." Officials said the Hyades framework is the first part of a future Eclipse integrated "Everything" environment that promises to take tools integration beyond the confines of a traditional IDE to full life-cycle support for projects.

IBM Claims WebSphere 5 Extends Beyond J2EE

Danny Sabbah, vice president of IBM’s application and integration middleware division, discusses WebSphere 5, and the direction it has taken. He talks about how support for the latest version of the J2EE spec doesn't mean everything, and how WebSphere 5 goes above and beyond. He champions the new support for WSIF (Web Services Invocation Framework), WSFL (Web Services Flow Language) and Axis (SOAP).

Article at: Discussion at:

Progress Software Completes Acquisition of eXcelon Corporation

Dec. 19 -- Progress Software Corporation, a leading supplier of technology for building business applications, today announced the completion of its acquisition of eXcelon Corporation, a leader in XML and data management software, at a price of $3.19 per share. eXcelon shareholders approved the sale of the company to Progress Software at a special shareholders' meeting held yesterday at eXcelon's headquarters in Burlington, Mass.

"By combining forces with eXcelon, we can offer advanced products in the XML database, XML tools and object database markets. Our customers are particularly enthused by the approach our Sonic Software subsidiary offers for application integration. The acquisition of eXcelon strengthens Sonic's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and will allow us to provide the ideal software platform for all levels of distributed, standards- based integration."

Resource Adapters Inc

RAi, a provider of rapid-deployment, cost-effective, and standards-based integration solutions, has announced the beta release of the RAiID Suite 2.0, an intelligent connectivity platform that minimizes the complexity and reduces the time and expertise required for integration. The RAiID Suite, intelligent connectivity platform, is composed of several modules including Service Mapping, Transformation, Object Generation, Rules and Routing, and Meta objects. It allows any user, regardless of programming skills or EIS experience, easy, real-time access to EIS business objects (BO) and their associated metadata, and interacts with them through XML, EJBs, JSPs and WSDL. Another integration product!! This one seems more focussed on (packaged) app integration with user interfaces.

SOAP 1.2 spec takes next step

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) on Thursday announced that SOAP 1.2 has advanced to the "Candidate Recommendation" stage, meaning developers are now being called on to implement the proposed Web services specification, which may be ready by next March.

Sybase Acquiring AvantGo

12/20/02--Sybase, Inc., a business infrastructure and integration company, has agreed to buy AvantGo, Inc., a provider of mobile business software, for $38 million in cash. Sybase intends to operate AvantGo under its iAnywhere Solutions subsidiary. The acquisition positions iAnywhere as a leading player in the mobile middleware market by combining both companies' market presence and technologies, Sybase says. iAnywhere with AvantGo will offer an end-to-end m-Business platform that addresses mobility of Web content, corporate data and applications, Sybase asserts, by combining iAnywhere's mobile database and synchronization technologies with AvantGo's offline Web capabilities.

"This acquisition teams the common vision and technologies of two m-Business leaders," said Terry Stepien, president, iAnywhere Solutions. "Building on our mobile database leadership, this union will enable iAnywhere Solutions to fuel new growth and pioneer innovative solutions in the emerging mobile middleware market.,6904,1023107,00.html

This should further raise Sybase's profile in the mobile / lightweight middleware market. iAnywhere m-Business Studio's messaging architecture is based on Java Messaging Service (JMS) offering network and device independence and the ability for users to receive messages even when they are roaming between networks.

Tangosol has released version 2.0 of Coherence

... its JCache-compliant clustered data management and caching product. This GA version contains features such as: JDK 1.4 NIO Support, Distributed Cache Queries, Increased Caching Support, J2CA Transactions, and more.

Tibco reports Q4 results

Dec. 18 -- TIBCO Software Inc, a leading enabler of real-time business, today announced results for its fourth fiscal quarter and year ended November 30, 2002. Total revenues for the fourth quarter were $71.3 million, an increase of 13 percent over $63.3 million in the prior quarter. License revenues for the fourth quarter were $41.8 million, up 20% from the prior quarter. Fiscal year 2002 revenues were $273.4 million. Net income for the quarter calculated in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States was $3.4 million or $0.02 per share.

TIBCO had pro forma net income for the fourth fiscal quarter of $6.6 million and $14.1 million for the year. TIBCO's pro forma earnings per share on a fully diluted basis were $0.03 for the quarter and $0.06 for the year. Pro forma results exclude stock-based compensation charges, write-off of acquired in-process research and development, amortization of goodwill and acquired intangibles, restructuring charges, and net realized loss on equity investments, and assume a pro forma effective tax rate of 38%. They're careful not to show the comparison between this year and last; Q4 last year was over $78M. ---++Tibco sees sales down 5 percent in first quarter

Dec 18 - Tibco's Chief Financial Officer Chris O'Meara said on Wednesday he expects first quarter profit of 2 cents per share, with sales declining 5 percent from the same period a year ago.]]

That would suggest about $70M expected in Q1

Veritas to Buy Precise Software Solutions

Veritas Software Corp, a maker of data management software, on Thursday said it would buy Precise Software Solutions for about $537 million to enter the network management software market. Precise Software in June acquired The Middleware Company (the parent company of Veritas is in the top ten largest software companies in the world (by market capitalization).

Veritas said it would pay $16.50 per share for Precise, equal to a premium of 37 percent over the Israeli company's closing stock price Wednesday of $12.05 on Nasdaq.

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