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8 May 2002 - Market Research Digest

AMR: App-Server Market To Boil Down To Four Survivors

AMR Research said Thursday that application-server vendors had for the most part reached feature parity, and predicted the $3 billion market would come down to four significant players: BEA Systems, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. The report also mentions that existing infrastructure and IT skills will influence platform choice - not application server features and functionality. Read AMR: App-Server Market To Boil Down To Four Survivors Read AMR's Press Release

Attunity writes on "The Integrated Service Environment"

By Guy Loewy of Attunity: The Web services paradigm does not provide an entire framework for e-business integration. Rather, it should be viewed as a method within an integrated services environment (ISE). Using a service-oriented architecture, ISE enables many-to-many integration relationships.

Attunity is a SpiritSoft partner

Barclays Bank Utilizes Web Services Standards for Company Wide Systems

(3rd May, XMLNews) Barclays Bank is utilizing Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) for its enterprise-wide computer systems. The bank hopes to benefit more widely from a process that has already reduced branch transactions costs by an estimated 80 per cent. Utilizing web services enables the bank to develop entirely new products, and even initiate online share dealing.

There continues to be a stream of stories suggesting real adoption of web services / SOAP technology by major companies

Eternal Systems Announces Alliance With IONA to Accelerate Fault Tolerance Systems Development

Leading Application Fault Tolerance Vendor Becomes IONA Premier Partner April 29 -- Eternal Systems, Inc., a leading provider of software that helps companies build systems that run forever, today announced a technology partnership with IONAŽ , the leading e-Business Platform provider for Web Services Integration. Through this alliance, IONA Orbix/E customers can leverage Eternal Systems' FT/ORB 2.0 to provide application transparent fault-tolerance for their embedded applications.

_Eternal competes with SpiritSoft professional services partner Orbism. _

E-Trade hires institutional analysts

E-Trade has poached a group of analysts from Credit Lyonnais in London to form the initial core of what the U.S.-based online broker intends to build into a global research team offering original equity analysis to institutional clients. An unspecified number of analysts from the team Evans had managed at the French investment bank's London office will join E-Trade Financial by the end of May. E-Trade Financial offers an integrated mix of investing, banking and financial planning services ---+J2EE vs. .NET for Web services: So, who's winning the tools race?

The interesting question surrounding J2EE vs. .NET is where are they winning? For example, IBM's tools have a commanding lead over all tools competitors in financial services. Microsoft holds strong mindshare in professional services (which includes healthcare, legal, and scientific). .. Read more at:,289142,sid26_gci821593,00.html

J2EE Connector Architecture or Web Services for Integration?

Read an interesting exchange at

P2P Group and Global Grid Forum join forces

By John K. Waters (eADT) Two organizations -- the Global Grid Forum (GGF) and the Peer-to-Peer Working Group (P2PWG) -- founded to promote distributed computing technologies have disclosed plans to join forces under the GGF rubric. The GGF focuses on the "grid" computing model, while the P2PWG focuses on real-time collaboration and file-sharing technologies. Rest of article: ?? (not posted yet on Press release: See also "P2P - the New Old Thing"

Top Officials Resign in Wake of Potential Auditing Problems at Peregrine Systems

The chairman and the chief financial officer of Peregrine Systems Inc. resigned after the software company's new auditor questioned as much as $100 million in transactions, it was announced Monday. Peregrine said the potential problems were discovered by independent auditor KPMG, which was hired in April to replace Arthur Andersen LLP, the company marred by the Enron scandal.

Peregrine closed at 0.89c on Monday - market cap $171M - it was trading at a little under $7.00 early last week, before delaying its results, and $33.55 last June. Bet they wish they had kept Andersen as an auditor...

Siebel's business processes aren't so common

Infoconomy Collaborate - London, Friday 3rd May 2002 Giga Information Group has cast doubt on customer relationship management giant Siebel's claims that it is going to ease application integration headaches with its "universal application network". Billed as a standard framework for application integration, the universal application network (UAN) forms part of Siebel's bid to create an application hub capable of integrating front office applications. The UAN, based around a standard integration server, was formulated in early April 2002 by enterprise application vendors webMethods, Tibco, Vitria, Seebeyond and IBM, together with major systems integrators including Accenture, KPMG, Cap Gemini and IBM Global Services. Siebel's role was not only crucial in mobilising and bank-rolling this feat of cross-industry collaboration, but also in defining "out-of-the-box" XML-based common business processes. These industry-specific processes are supposed to weld the network and applications together. Integration, explains AMR Research analyst Kevin Lucas, will follow the business process. That's the theory, at least; Siebel don't expect to release a product until summer 2002.

Giga researcher Ken Vollmer is sceptical of Siebel's claims to deliver anything near the complexity required with its "common business processes". Business processes vary enormously across industries, and even among trading partners, he says. "The only thing common about most business processes today is that they vary significantly from one organisation to another." No single vendor, not even Siebel, has the cross-application and industry expertise to define business processes that work across multiple applications and many industries, he says.

Most leading EAI vendors, such as IBM, Tibco and webMethods, already do a better job by offering application templates for customers, adds Vollmer. These incorporate industry-specific business processes in pre-packaged application shells and can be customised to fit an organisations' business processes exactly. Such vendors, he argues, are much better positioned to offer advanced process modelling, thanks to their experience of working across many different industries and with many applications. The UAN model, says Vollmer, will still require "significant customisation". As a result, Siebel's strategy can have only "limited success", he says.

See recent announcements supporting UAN from IBM, SeeBeyond, TIBCO, Vitria, webMethods, Accenture, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and KPMG Consulting, among others - in last week's digest...

TIBCO Software Gains Market Share; Latest Gartner Report Names TIBCO as a Leading Integration Broker Suite Vendor

May 2 -- TIBCO Software Inc. today announced it grew the most market share of the top three vendors, as reported in Gartners just released report on the business integration industry. The report titled "Integration Broker Suite Market Share Battle Continues" studied the competitive landscape of the industry and named TIBCO as the second-place vendor, behind only IBM by a small margin and beating out all other competitors. TIBCO increased its ownership of the market to 12 percent in 2001 and TIBCO expanded its license revenue 37 percent in a market that grew only 7 percent. _See similar announcement (different analyst) from WebMethods a couple of days earlier: _

TIBCO Software Announces Integration Platform for Secure Web Services

TIBCO ActiveExchange(TM) 3.0 Provides Single Platform for Seamless Enterprise Application Integration With Partners and Customers May 6 -- TIBCO Software Inc. today announced the release of TIBCO ActiveExchange(TM) 3.0, a business integration software product line that allows companies to effectively utilize Web Services to automate processes and transactions with other businesses over the Internet. TIBCO ActiveExchange provides a single platform for seamless Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business-To-Business (B2B) that accelerates integration with partners (suppliers, distributors, resellers) and customers. Version 3.0 adds enhanced support for today's Internet protocols and industry standards such as XML, SOAP, EDI, RosettaNet, ebXML and more. TIBCO ActiveExchange's added functionality also serves as a platform for packaged solutions that address specific industry initiatives, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance for healthcare, RosettaNet integration for high-tech manufacturing, and ChemXML for pharmaceuticals.

See also which references an Internet Week article at - "The challenge for Tibco and other traditional EAI vendors is that Web-services protocols threaten to commoditize much of the integration stacks, rendering their formerly proprietary-and often expensive-solutions irrelevant"

MetaMatrix and Versata Integrating Products

05/02/02--MetaMatrix, a developer of metadata management and enterprise information integration products, has formed an alliance with business process automation solutions provider Versata to integrate their technologies. The combination of Versata's business logic solution with the MetaMatrix System extends customers' enterprise applications with new business transactions and processes. MetaMatrix customers will now be able to use the Versata solution to automate business logic and data integration tasks, reducing the need to write code in the data or the business logic layers. Developers working with the Versata Logic Server will be able to create business rules that access the MetaMatrix virtual database as the source of information in real-time, without complex connection logic for each physical data source.

WebPutty Launches Flexibility Platform 5.0; Delivers application infrastructure for Web services.

With native XML, SOAP, and Web services support, WebPutty's platform transparently leverages existing assets while providing an extra level of control and flexibility over enterprise applications. [It] has three main modules - Server, Development, and Interoperability Based in San Jose, California, WebPutty was founded in 1997 and is privately held and venture-funded by Bain Capital Ventures, SAC Capital and Seneca Capital; claims 50+ employees, secured $22.5M third round funding March 2001.

Potential competitor for us and PolarLake...

Driving Web Services; Hurwitz survey shows businesses value Web services.

(EAI Journal)

Web services deliver key benefits that were hyped in the Internet bubble, many of which never materialized - in part because of the lack of robust software infrastructure needed behind the scenes for interoperability and integration. Web services solutions provide greater ability for systems, programs, and information to be more quickly integrated into higher value, more dynamic solutions for corporate computing. However, Web services themselves are in danger of being over-hyped - data and application semantic issues remain and there are also concerns over security and service level agreements. Full story at and Hurwitz (our friendly analyst Tyler McDaniel) also says: "only 8% of IT buyers would limit Web Services purchases to existing vendor relationships. Moreover, a nominal 14% of buyers plan to purchase a turnkey Web Services solution from a single vendor. These findings indicate a significant market opportunity for best-of-breed vendors that can provide a vision and roadmap for building holistic Web Services solutions."

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