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Market Research Digest - 11 Dec 2002

Amberpoint integrates with Tivoli

AmberPoint has entered into an agreement with IBM's Tivoli systems management software unit that will add AmberPoint's Web services management software to Tivoli's products. According to the companies, Tivoli users will benefit from AmberPoint's ability to use both Java and Microsoft's .NET technology, which gives its Web services management software greater flexibility.

AmberPoint, which was launched in 2001 and changed its name from Edgility Software in May, includes Metropolitan Life Insurance (MetLife) and the energy company, TransCanada PipeLines, among its clients, according to the company's Web site.

BEA Systems and ComponentSource Form Strategic Alliance to Expand Third-Party Java Component Market

Global Alliance Designed to Increase Java Productivity Dec. 9 -- BEA Systems, Inc., the world's leading application infrastructure software company and ComponentSource]] ®, the world's largest marketplace and community for reusable software components and a Software Reuse Infrastructure Provider, today announced a strategic alliance to increase Java developer productivity by expanding the range of third-party components and tools available on the market. Under the alliance, both companies have agreed to work with the global Independent Software Vendor (ISV) community to create new reusable components, including Web services and tools for the BEA WebLogic]] Enterprise Platform(TM) and other Java platforms. Yahoo.

Available today are two new ComponentSource-hosted marketplaces called the BEA WebLogic Galleries(TM), targeted at the BEA WebLogic Platform and the BEA WebLogic Workshop(TM) development framework. To access the BEA Galleries visit:

Butler Group report - "EAI and Web Services - Cutting the cost of Enterprise Integration"

Butler Group's new report, 'EAI and Web Services - Cutting the cost of Enterprise Integration' provides comparisons between the technology products in the EAI market and concludes that 'the majority of EAI vendors still have a long way to go before they can offer organisations the benefits of a truly integrated enterprise.'

  • Highly rated: SeeBeyond and Tibco; Sybase rated "a big surprise"

  • Playing catchup: Mercator, BEA "has the know how" and GXS "should make an acquisition"

  • Disappointing: Iona "has technical issues that need to be addressed"

Datapower And Contivo Offer XML Integration

12/10/02--DataPower Technology, a provider of intelligent XML-aware network infrastructure, says it's sealed a deal with Contivo, Inc., a maker of automated data integration, to integrate meld the Contivo Enterprise Integration Modeling (EIM)T solution with the DataPower XA35 XML AcceleratorT. The joint product provides customers with complete standards-base XML integration that includes data modeling and what DataPower claims is the world's fastest XML data transformation technology.

"XML has changed the way enterprises integrate disparate applications," said Eugene Kuznetsov, DataPower CTO. "The partnership with Contivo allows DataPower customers to easily create and manage very complex data-mappings between previously incompatible schemas. The result is a radically faster, cheaper and more scalable way of doing XML-based integration," he asserts.

Emerging technology to watch - from Application Developer Trends

Hibernate 1.2 O/R Mapper released

The Hibernate project has released version 1.2 of this popular Java O/R tool. Hibernate is an open source object/relational mapper designed to make persistence as invisible as possible to the business model. No special classes or interfaces are required, and the framework does not use bytecode compilation; instead, runtime reflection is used and SQL generation occurs at system startup time. theServerSide

D&B Vacuums Hoover's for $117M

Dec 06 - Looking to expand its database of business information for the research services it sells, D&B has shelled out $117 million in cash for Hoover's Inc. Hoover's, which has headquarters in Austin, Texas, runs an Internet database of business information that it sells to public and private companies. The acquisition by D&B (formerly Dun & Bradstreet), valued at $7 per share in cash, is expected to close in the first quarter of 2003.

The company's Hoover's Online site accounts for the majority of its revenues though subscriptions to its editorial database. It is usually the first place to look for basic and detailed information on corporations worldwide.

We use Hoovers Online.

IBM gives $2.1 Billion for Rational

IBM plans to pay $2.1 billion in cash to acquire development tools maker Rational Software, whose products help software developers create models of business processes. IBM will retain the Rational brand, and Rational's CEO will run the new Rational division within IBM's software group. Rational's tools support technologies including the Java language, Microsoft's .NET platform and IBM's WebSphere software. ADTmag

IBM intends to make Rational its fifth brand (alongside DB2, WebSphere, Tivoli, Lotus). This purchase extends IBM's Eclipse / WebSphere (WSAD, former VAJ) up into UML (Rational Rose), across into configuration management (Clearcase etc).

_The usual febrile comment at

See also Forrester Group's comment at_,1317,16025,00.html: IBM opens a new battlefront in the war with Microsoft

Integration projects pay off in the long run

Despite the troubled economic climate, or perhaps because of it.

Windows better value than Linux, says IDC

Microsoft-sponsored paper studies cost over five-year period.

JBoss soon to be J2EE 1.4 certified?

According to The Register JBoss has completed J2EE 1.4 support and could become the first appserver to be J2EE 1.4 certified. JBoss will not be a complete implementation of J2EE 1.4, though. The article quotes Marc Fleury saying that APIs for Web services were excluded because of a lack of demand. The APIs will be included should that change, he said.

Of course, there'll be no certification until J2EE 1.4 is released - expected around March, with a growing possibility of slipping further - see story below.

iWay introduces brokerless integration

iWay Software, the integration-focused subsidiary of Information Builders, has a new strategy to provide brokerless system integration using pre-built adapters in lieu of a messaging server to enable extraction, transformation and transfer of processes and data among multiple applications. The adapters support Web services integration without customized coding based on J2EE and .NET. The technology eliminates the need for message servers, such as IBM Corp.'s MQSeries, Microsoft Corp. BizTalk and BEA Systems Inc.'s WebLogic, but only for a limited number of applications to be integrated, typically three, up to five or six at the most, said iWay officials. More than that requires a message server to act as a business process coordinator.,3959,756517,00.asp

Merrill Lynch Is Bullish on Web Services

Dec 04 -- Describing Web services as one of the holy grails of the technology industry, finnacial services giant Merrill Lynch today announced it has joined the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I).

The WS-I was formed in February to help accelerate the development and deployment of interoperable Web services across a variety of platforms, applications and programming languages. The group's high-powered founding memebers include Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, BEA, Fujitsu, Intel, Accenture, Hewlett-Packard and SAP. More than 150 companies have signed on with WS-I, according to the organization.

"We see huge potential in Web services, both in terms of re-engineering our overall cost structure and, just as importantly, in allowing us to deliver differentiated services to our clients. WS-I represents a vendor agnostic forum to champion our needs, and we're excited to be a member," said John McKinley, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Merrill Lynch.

Microsoft knee-capping Sun, says Judge

Likens Redmond giant to figure skater who took down rival.

Sonic Software Launches SonicSynergy Business Partner Program

Integrators Get on the 'Bus' with Comprehensive Partner Empowerment, Leading Software Products, Training and Project Lead Development

9-Dec-02: Sonic Software Corporation, the market leader in standards-based integration products and services, today introduced its SonicSynergy]] (SM) business partner program. SonicSynergy]] provides system integrators, developers and key architects with the technical support, education and certification required to accelerate deployment of flexible, cost-effective integration and enterprise messaging projects utilizing Sonic's industry-leading products, the SonicXQ(TM) enterprise service bus (ESB) and SonicMQ® message server. Yahoo

Valtech and Sonic Software Deliver Flexible, Standards-Based Integration Solutions

The partnership combines Sonic's standards-based, distributed integration and enterprise messaging products-which support key industry standards, including Web services and JMS messaging-with Valtech's proven track record for designing and implementing flexible, high performance, standards-based enterprise solutions.

Sonic launches first technology conference for its users

Sonic Software, the market leader in standards-based integration products and services, today announced Sonic Exchange 2003. Sonic Exchange 2003 marks the company's first annual technology conference, a forum where technical experts and business partners converge, sharing in-depth knowledge and practical experience that helps them address the integration challenges of today's real-time enterprise. Sonic Exchange 2003 will be held in Boston, Mass.; April 13-16, 2003.

Sun slips J2EE 1.4 to include Web services?

The next version of server-side Java is inching closer, although final delivery could slip in-order to support recently published web services standards. A second proposed final draft of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 was released last week by members of the Sun Microsystems Inc-backed Java Community Process (JCP), bringing the enterprise platform closer to completion.

However, uncertainty surrounds the specification's final delivery date as the JCP has decided to consider whether to include APIs for a set of recently published web services specifications in the platform. Native support for web services was set out as a key goal for J2EE 1.4 by Sun when the company presided over the launch of J2EE 1.3 in January.

News of JCP's decision to evaluate additional support for latest web services standards comes after the JCP hinted of possible delays to the specification. JCP director Onno Kluyt said J2EE 1.4 is expected in the first half of 2003. In October, Sun promised J2EE 1.4 in the first quarter of 2003.

If there is delay, this would be the second time J2EE 1.4 has slipped. Initially scheduled for the second half of 2002, ComputerWire reported J2EE 1.4 had slipped to the first quarter of 2003 in March. Sun blamed that delay on on-going changes to Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which it was trying to include in the specification.

A Sun company spokesperson yesterday denied J2EE 1.4 had slipped, saying the specification is on track. She added, though: "The JCP is looking at incorporating more into the specification. If they include more, that may change (delivery)."

Details of which web services specifications the JCP is evaluating were not released.

SwiftMQ adds email and WebSphere 5 support

Two news items from SwiftMQ:

SwiftMQ 4.0.1 supports IBM WebSphere 5.0!

SwiftMQ 4.0.1 adds support for IBM WebSphere 5.0. It integrates fully XA/ASF and runs intra-VM. The release contains also some changes and bug fixes. release notes

JavaMail Bridge Extension Swiftlet released!

The JavaMail Bridge Extension Swiftlet provides a bridge between JMS and eMail systems. It supports inbound and outbound bridges with the ability to send and receive multipart eMails (with attachments) from JMS clients and thus enable JMS clients to integrate mail processing (e.g. sending an invoice PDF file to a customer) with just plain JMS. The bridge is highly extensible with pluggable message transformers. description

Systinet upgrades WASP Web services platform

Web services platform vendor Systinet today will announce an upgrade to its WASP (Web Applications and Services Platform) suite, featuring tighter integration with the Microsoft .NET platform as well as new UDDI support. Also included in the upgrade are enhancements for securing C++ applications in Web services environments. InfoWorld

This was pre-announced last month.

Significant Growth Seen For Inter-Company Integration

Integrating internal business processes is old news. The hotbed of integration activity is shifting to integrating business processes with those of key suppliers and service providers, expanding into collaborative relationships and transforming traditional supply chains into collaborative webs.

Those conclusions are contained in the new Yankee Group report, "Traveling the Collaboration Continuum Requires a Road Map." The report finds that industry leaders are implementing such practices as collaborative design, logistics and forecasting. Businesses will be concentrating more and more on outsourcing processes, the report says. Yankee Group research shows worldwide IT outsourcing will grow 10-12 percent annually to $273.9 billion by 2006, and business process outsourcing expanding between 12 percent and 20 percent annually to $500 billion.

Versant announces Q4 and year end results

For the fourth quarter ended October 31, 2002, Versant reported total revenue of $4.7 million. License revenue for the quarter was $2.0 million, representing 43% of total revenues. Services revenue was $2.7 million. Net loss for the fourth quarter of 2002 was $0.4 million, or $0.03 per share.

For the year ended October 31, 2002, the Company reported total revenue of $20.0 million. License revenue for the year was $10.1 million, representing 51% of total revenues. Services revenue was $9.9 million. Net loss for the year 2002 was $3.4 million, or $0.28 per share.

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