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Market Research Digest 17 Oct 2002


A wide-ranging report on the Web services market predicts that a larger vendor could soon acquire BeaSystemsInc. However, BEA strongly denies that it is an acquisition target and even the Forrester Research analyst who wrote the report says that claim is "very speculative.",1338,15648,FF.html

Blaze Advisor 4.5 Rules Management Suite Released

Fair, Isaac has released BlazeAdvisor 4.5. Blaze Advisor is a rules management platform, aimed at separating business rules from application code. v4.5 adds faster batch processing options, easier business-level maintenance using decision tables, compliancy with JSR 94 (java rules engine interfaces)and UI enhancements.,1072,48248,00.html We have a (pretty moribund) partnership with Blaze - pre-dating its acquisition by Fair, Isaac. A price of $35k/cpu is mentioned (though not in the press release).

Gartner shows some confidence in Europe, and that IT expenditure is correlated to profitability

In such a harsh environment, it's at first glance reassuring that 60 per cent of European companies are confident about the future, according to Gartner (see ). If business managers are perking up, can IT departments expect to benefit in the wake of their new-found optimism? Sadly no. That confidence is not being translated into bigger IT budgets: a Merrill Lynch survey [reported last week] found that two-thirds of European CIOs expect their budgets to be flat or down in 2003. And yet the Gartner research also found - instructively - that companies which spend above the average amount on IT in any given year tend to be more profitable than their competitors (see ). Of course, this could simply be saying that only profitable companies can afford IT - cause or effect??

Gemstone Announces CMP Accelerator on JBoss

GemStone has announced the integration of the GemStone CMP (Container Managed Persistence) Accelerator with the JBoss Application Server. The CmpAccelerator provides transparent clustered-caching, availability and fault-tolerance features for CMP 2.0 Entity Beans, and only requires changes to deployment descriptors to cache existing beans.

This is an example of a caching competitor widening the applicability and easing the adoption of its product. Note it only applies to JBoss; it also shows that JBoss are happy to endorse pay-ware add-ons integrated with the JBoss server.

HP opens up its software strategy

As the world moves down the road to a web services based future, HP, like every other vendor, is making their play in the big exciting world of applications on demand. Rather than setting itself up to be a jack-of-all-trades, the new HP is collaborating and playing to its strengths in its latest web services software strategy.

Spending on STP and Front-to-Back End Integration Delayed by Financial Institutions in Western Europe, says IDC

Although StraightThroughProcessing (STP) and front-to-back end integration are among the highest IT priorities of Western European financial institutions, current market and economic conditions are limiting investments in these projects. According to IDC, several major inhibitors, such as project complexity and the size of the investments required, are inhibiting the major drivers that have been leading IT spending in this area.

IDC report

IONA Announces Third Quarter Results

IONAŽ, the leading e-Business Platform provider for Web Services Integration (NASDAQ: IONA - News), today [Oct 16] announced financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2002. IONA announced revenues of $26.5 million and a pro forma net loss of $10.0 million or ($0.31) per share. On a U.S. GAAP basis, after taking into account [ mortization of purchased intangible assets, restructuring, stock compensation and the associated tax effect], IONA reported a net loss per share of ($0.80) for the third quarter of 2002. "We are driving near-term revenue growth by delivering additional value to IONA's installed base of more than 4,500 customers worldwide"

iWay Launches ISO 15022 Integration Kit

InformationBuilders' iWay Software subsidiary has released its Swift Accelerator Kit, which integrates any data to ISO 15022 standards. The package is library-based, using iWay Software's XML Transformation Engine, suite of adapters, and messaging templates

Microsoft Launches Jupiter Server Initiative

10/10/02, 8:30 a.m. EDT--Microsoft Corp. has unveiled Jupiter, a new project to integrate and componentize Microsoft's e-business servers. The Jupiter technologies will be delivered in two phases over the next 18 months and will include business process management and monitoring capabilities, additional support for XML Web services standards, and enhanced integration with Visual Studio .NET and Office. The first set of technologies, scheduled to be delivered in the second half of next year, will contain services for BPM, XML Web services support, and internal and external integration. The second phase, planned for the first half of 2004, will add services for commerce and content functionality, including content, catalog and campaign management, site analytics and personalization.

NewIronSystems releases version 2 of the NewIronFoundry

New Iron is a small SF based vendor in the "Web services meets JMS" market which has made attempts to partner with SpiritSoft; it could be seen as a competitor to PolarLake.

Oracle releases TopLink upgrade, road map

OracleCorp has released an updated version of the TopLink Java development tool it recently acquired from WebGain, along with a road map pledging continued TopLink support for competitors' databases and application servers. Oracle9i AS users get the new version of TopLink free while users of the other vendors' [eg BEA, IBM] products must pay $7,000 per processor. [...] Other major benefits of the new version of TopLink, according to Oracle, include enhanced performance with caching technology that minimizes database and network traffic... Oracle may be embedding OCS4J, the JCache prototype, into this product (not believed to have done so yet)

Persistence Previews Third Quarter Results

PersistenceSoftware, a leading provider of distributed data management software for business visibility, today [Oct 15] said that management expects to announce revenue of $4.1 million for the third quarter of 2002, and a net loss of approximately $460,000, or $(0.02) per share. Revenues are expected to be comprised of the typical company model of 70 percent licenses and 30 percent services, which will yield an estimated gross margin of 83%. During the quarter the Company recognized revenues from sales to a major media company and a leading European-based financial services company. Management expects combined cost of sales and operating expenses for the quarter to be approximately 42% lower than the same period last year and 18% lower than the prior quarter. The Company's cash position at the end of the quarter was approximately $6.8 million compared to $7.3 million at the end of the previous quarter. "We made fundamental changes this year to a partner-focused product strategy centered around our EdgeXtend product and partnerships with IBM and BEA," said Christopher Keene, chief executive officer of Persistence. "As we saw in this third quarter, the risk in this kind of shift is that increased revenues from new products will not always offset lower revenues from older products. At the same time, we also demonstrated the success of this strategic transition by generating over 40 percent of our license sales in the third quarter from the new products."

XML and the Financial Services Industry

XML and Web services are the two prominent options for meeting integration challenges. In this paper, Ronan Bradley of PolarLake explains some of the XML- and Web services-based standards available to financial services


PolarLake is a SpiritSoft partner.

Cape Clear and Softwired Aid Mobile Web Services Creation

10/15/02 -- CapeClear Software and SoftWired have formed a partnership to help customers create Web services-based mobile solutions. The alliance combines Cape Clear's WebServices technology with Softwired's mobile delivery platform to provide an infrastructure for building standards-based applications that can be distributed over 2.5G and 3G networks. Cape Clear offers CapeConnect, a Web services-based platform for enterprise integration, and CapeStudio, a Web services development environment designed to help companies develop and deploy Web services applications using XML, WSDL and UDDI. Softwired's Java-compliant iBus JMS messaging products are deployable as part of internetworked Java devices that run on wireless PDAs, pagers and mobile phones. See the press release at Softwired has now partnered with SpiritSoft, Fiorano and Cape Clear in just the last month.

SwiftMQ offers US based 24/7 support and JMS migration with Hartmann Software Group and Support is priced on a per incident basis; 24/7 coverage with 4 hour turnaround starts from $1000 per incident. Hartmann is based in Denver, CO - this will help to improve SwiftMQ's penetration of the US market.

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