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Monthly Market Research Digest - September 2002

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(11 Oct 02)

BEA, IBM and HP continued their partnership dancing; as expected HP will bundle BEA WebLogic to sell (against IBM WebSphere), but doesn't rule out an IBM relationship too. Meanwhile IBM is the biggest reseller of HP's OpenVMS, and HP remains torn between its (and Compaq's) close Microsoft relationship and HP's many and varied Java, Unix and legacy systems (OpenVMS, NSK, Tru-64, HP-UX, Linux, ...).

Sonic Software released version 1.5 of SonicXQ - its claim to be "the only Enterprise Service Bus" could be disputed by SpiritSoft (mentioned by Gartner alongside SonicXQ) as well as Iona, Novell and several others. Meanwhile Sonic's Q3/02 revenues (to August) were quoted as $3.6M, up 53% from a year ago. Details of revenue/expenses not published. Management expectation for Sonic Q4 to be 50% up on last year - ie $4.2M. That's still below the Q2/02 headline of $4.3M, which appears to have been inflated above trend by a single big deal delayed from Q1. Sonic's maximum deal size that quarter was just $200k, they said.

TangosolInc released a new version of its TangosolCoherence distributed caching product, at the same time picking up certification as an IBM WebSphere partner to add to BEA.

Tibco Software Inc's third quarter ended in tears with a $20 million restructuring write off, license sales down 25% from same quarter last year, and net loss of $45 million. However, Tibco continues to focus on high added-value, adding Business Activity Monitoring with the purchase of Praja, Inc.

Meta Group reported Open Source to be an appealing alternative for organisations to press forward with Java initiatives while controlling costs; just make sure that security and support risks are anticipated and mitigated. This should help drive demand for value-add support services.

Ovum revised its estimates for the European software market in 2003. Ovum now expect that market growth will decline about four per cent in 2002 and be flat at best in 2003.

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