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Lynton Research Digest - 27th March 2004

Does Attunity gain from Informatica's purchase of Striva?

Philip Howard wonders if Attunity is gaining as vendors prefer not to OEM data integration components from Informatica - with whom many compete. See SearchWebServices: Informatica - Attunity's best friend?.

Certainly Attunity's Q4 2003 results show revenues up 15% sequentially - but still noticeably down on last year. OEM business takes a while to show up in revenues though - perhaps the tide is indeed beginning to turn.

Lock-free ANTs Data Server updated

ANTs Data Server is a relational database management system whose lock-free data structures permit processing of many thousands of transactions concurrently (they claim). Version 2.2 now includes support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well as replication with automatic failover, which enables replication of the data store and assures maximum system uptime and application availability. Stored procedures, triggers and event mechanisms, also included in Version 2.2, can simplify development and accelerate deployment or migration of applications from other RDBMSs.

See ADTmag: Lock-free ANTs Data Server updated.

It would be interesting to compare in detail the performance and failover characteristics of this approach with optimised lock-oriented architectures like Oracle RAC - and with other clustering and caching products (eg ObjectCache and MySQL Cluster, mentioned elsewhere in this digest). Feel free to let me know if you've done that already, anyone!

Fiorano MQ 7.2 and ESB 3.5

ESB 3.5 - which Fiorano calls "the only P2P ESB" - is available now and said to provide advanced features relating to web services orchestration, enhanced XML support, localization, enhanced database connectors, an integrated development environment for new components and portal integration capabilities. See ebizQ: Fiorano announces P2P ESB.

Meanwhile, Fiorano MQ 7.2 is claimed to support large and multi-part messages and to (better) support HA with its passive server. See ebizQ: Fiorano Enhances JMS Solution.

Cocobase and GemFire come together

The two companies claim that the combination of two best-of-breed Java tools focused on providing high-performance data is a win-win for customers. GemFire's innovative solution for data distribution, caching and management tightly coupled with CocoBase's dynamic mapping solution for persisting relational data provides two major components of an enterprise-level IT data architecture. See CocoBase Enterprise O/R and GemFire Integration Provides an Outstanding High-Performance Data Solution for Enterprise IT Applications.

Groovy baby!

Groovy - a new scripting language that includes language features found in Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk, uses syntax natural to developers that use the Java programming language, and uses the JVM as its runtime engine - has been submitted to the Java Community Program. See TheServerSide: Groovy language submitted as JSR 241.

Go James, go! Given its sponsors, I expect great things of Groovy.

MySQL adds clustering and stored procedures.

The new MySQL Cluster combines the company's flagship open-source database with a clustering architecture based on technology from Alzato, an Ericsson spin off acquired by MySQL last October. It is designed to automatically shift workloads among as many as 32 servers - to deliver database applications with so-called five-nines availability (less than five minutes of downtime per year). Stored procedures are also expected in MySQL 5.0. See ADTmag: Open-source MySQL DBMS adds clustering tech.

MySQL claims 4 million active installations, including Yahoo and Sabre. As MySQL scales up, data management (EAI, EII, BI) vendors may feel they need to support MySQL more actively.

Oracle tumbles - what do I care?

In spite of Oracle sales rising, and outlook improving Oracle stock has been on a bit of a roller-coaster this week. Never mind. For the first time since I joined them in 1986 I have no ORCL shares left - and I beat the tumble more or less. I'm investing in another wreck in Italy, which will get restored over the next few years (we know we can't start for at least 2 years). Meanwhile, there are still a few dates available this summer at Casa Fontanelle, our marchigiana farmhouse in the mountains of central Italy. Email me if you fancy a break there .. (ad break now over!).

Progress results: revenues up 20%

Revenue for the quarter was a record $86.4 million, up 20 percent (11 percent at constant currency) from $71.8 million in the first quarter of 2003. Software license revenue increased 33 percent (24 percent at constant currency) to $33.9 million from $25.5 million in the same quarter last year. See Progress Software Reports First Quarter Results; Revenue Increases 20 Percent to an All-Time High.

According to their presentation, Sonic Software revenues have risen from 6% to 7% of the total (and DataDirect now contributes 6%). I'll look into the details next time round.

Progress division ObjectStore releases ObjectCache 2.0

ObjectCache provides middle-tier data cache management; version 2.0 introduces DSS, which allows applications to identify part or all of an existing corporate database to be cached in the middle tier. That data is kept transactionally consistent - changes to the cache are transparently synchronized with the data source, and vice versa. The patented Cache-Forward architecture allows heterogeneous, distributed middle-tier caches to share data, with full transactional support for reads, writes, updates and deletes. ObjectCache also allows derived data to be created and stored in the middle tier. See ebizQ: ObjectStore Unwraps Database Access Enhancement Tool.

SAP NetWeaver '04 support from IBM, Informatica and Ascential

The top dogs in integration are all announcing support for the latest version of NetWeaver, announced earlier this month. Read the news from Ascential, Informatica and IBM (in ADTmag).

Tibco Q1 results

Tibco's net income more than quadruples as revenues for Q1 reach $74.4m, of which $40.8m in software licenses. A boost in business seems to have come from taking over direct sales to the finance industry from Reuters, a founding shareholder now backing out of the business.

See New Ratings: TIBCO Software "outperform," estimates raised and TIBCO Software Reports First Quarter Financial Results.

Updated WS Reliable Messaging draft released

Bloor's Peter Abrahams would like BEA, IBM, Microsoft and Tibco, who have just published an updated version of their spec, to get together with OASIS and the competing WS Reliability standard; single standards are good for everyone in the medium term and conflicting standards would be disastrous in the long term. See IT-Director: WS Reliable Messaging creeps forward.

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