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Lynton Research Digest - 14th January 2004

Two unrelated publish/subscribe stories caught my attention this week - UBS buying Caplin Systems' Wide Area Messaging and the release of the WS-Eventing proposal.

Bloor Research: why did Pervasive buy Data Junction?

Embedded database vendor Pervasive recently announced that it was acquiring ETL/EAI mass market specialist Data Junction. Bloor's always interesting Phil Howard aks the vital question "why?" in IT-Director: Pervasive acquires Data Junction.

Business Process standards - what came out of 2003?

The net from 2003 is that BPEL (aka BPEL4WS) has unstoppable momentum, but the BPMI organisation has been forced to give up on BPML and although it is promoting its notation (BPMN) as a tool to use on top of BPEL, others in the industry don't see that happening. See ADTmag: Standards emerge from BPM stew.

Egenera gets further funding

Showing once again that there is always money available if you know where to look and have the right (or right on?) proposition, Egenera has raised $30m from an over-subscribed fourth round of equity financing, bringing its total VC funding to date up to $124m. Proceeds will be used to expand the utility computing company into additional markets and geographies, as well as supporting further product development "to extend their 18-24 month lead". See C|Net: Egenera nabs $30 million in funding.

SwiftMQ 5.0 soon to be released

A new release 5 of SwiftMQ should be released this quarter. As well as a lot of minor enhancements it will contain a full featured Java Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.5 JMS Resource Adapter to plug SwiftMQ into any J2EE 1.4 compliant application server. See

Tangosol Coherence 2.3 "feature complete"

Coherence*Web (HTTP session management) supports Jetty, Tomcat and WebLogic; WebSphere, SunOne and declarative security to follow in 2.4. The JCA adaptor supports immutable value optimization, and custom transaction validation for optimistic concurrency. See Tangosol: Coherence 2.3 Release Candidate.

UBS uses Caplin's RTTP to publish prices

Investment bank UBS is delivering real time market data to its clients using Caplin Systems' wide area messaging (WAM) technology. Caplin - whose funding reached $16m last October, shows that JMS pub/sub isn't the only game in town for market data distribution. See Finextra: UBS deploys Caplin's wide area messaging technology.

Paul Caplin was formerly in 80s pop band Haysi Fantayzee - you can read his life story if you like - and now he's selling us WAM. What's going on, are we in a time warp?

WS-Eventing - pub/sub for web services?

The new spec is a set of protocols, message formats and interfaces for Web services to subscribe to events coming from other Web services. Co-authors Microsoft, BEA Systems and Tibco said they have made the spec flexible enough so it can be used in scenarios spanning multiple devices and locations, such as the enterprise, home office or across mobile devices. See InternetWeek: Microsoft, BEA, Tibco Publish New Web Services Spec. Meanwhile, IBM is not involved with WS-Eventing - "our priorities are different" - see ZDNet: IBM keeps its distance from Microsoft Web services spec.

More information on WS-Eventing can be found at BEA dev2dev: WS-Eventing or MS Developer Network: WS-Eventing.

An idiot's guide to WS-Eventing

Just in case you haven't got the time, here's the overview:


Notification A one-way message sent to indicate that an event has occurred
Event Source A Web service that sends notifications and accepts requests to create, renew, and delete subscriptions
Event Sink A Web service that receives notifications and/or sends requests to create, renew and/or delete subscriptions
Subscribing Event Sink An event sink that sends request to create, renew, and/or delete subscriptions, perhaps on behalf of another event sink

Subscription operations allowed are to

  • subscribe (with filter; with expiration time) - and subscriptions can be also made by proxy
  • unsubscribe
  • renew subscription
In addition the event source actively signals "subscription end" to the event sink.

The spec does not constrain notifications because any message can be a notification; however the event sink can request that notifications are specifically so marked.

The spec allows the underlying communications to be anything supported by SOAP, in which case messages are exchanged to the quality level supported by the specific transport - but WS-ReliableMessaging is clearly an expected transport.

The authors divide: 7 MS, 2 BEA, 1 Tibco - and acknowledgements are even more MS oriented. I can't help thinking that combining this with WS-ReliableMessaging is going to be incredibly verbose and slow - except perhaps in local networks, where MS currently has no pub/sub offering; and I suppose that it was inevitable that the pub/sub metaphor would eventually appear somewhere in SOAP land.

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