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Lynton Research Digest - 11th February 2004

Suddenly, almost all the news is data integration - is this a new trend or have I fallen into a time warp?

Attunity releases CDC product

Attunity has added change data capture to its portfolio, offering a pre-built change capture agent for VSAM. Attunity says it has also released change capture agents that read from custom application logs on any of the other platforms supported by Attunity Connect, and plans to introduce pre-built CDC agents for DB2, Adabas and others later this year.

See Attunity CDC - Change Data Capture Provides Right-Time Mainframe Data Access and Movement

Attunity says it is "the only" vendor to provide what it calls "right time data access and movement". That should come as a surprise to competitors like Quest, DataMirror, Informatica/Striva and Ascential.

Attunity partners with Cognos

Cognos will use Attunity Connect with its DecisionStream ETL product (formerly also sold as Constellar WarehouseBuilder). See Cognos Partners with Attunity to Provide Seamless Mainframe & Legacy Data Integration for ETL and End-to-End Business Intelligence Solutions.

Business Objects' (Acta) Data Integrator sales take off

Business Objects' results show it gained roughly twice as many Data Integrator customers in the last quarter of 2003 as Acta (the original developers of the product) had achieved in the product's entire history prior to that company's acquisition. Bloor Research's Philip Howard suggests that BO may be becoming a worthy competitor in what had been a two horse race between Ascential and Informatica. See IT-Director: Business Objects results & Data Integration.

Informatica uses Sun Java Enterprise pricing model

You can now get Informatica's BIDW solution running on Solaris in your enterprise for $65 per employee per year (on top of $100/year for the base Java Enterprise System) - See IT Manager's Journal: Informatica takes pricing tip from Sun.

NEON Systems partners with DataFlux for data quality

DataFlux will have the right to distribute NEON's Shadow mainframe integration technology software as part of its data management solutions, allowing DataFlux customers to inspect, correct, integrate and enhance data available within mainframe platforms. See ebizQ: NEON Shines Light On Partnership With DataFlux.

More and more data integration vendors are building (like Ascential), buying (like Informatica) or in this case partnering to add data quality management to their product lines.

DataPower "horizontalizes" vertical web services

DataPower says its free of charge program offers a "starter kit" of policies, scenarios and advice to help deploy vertical subject-based XML standards (such as MDDL and RIXML) into horizontal deployment schemes such as WS-Security. See DataPower Outlines Plan To Horizontal-ize Vertical Web Services Standards.

Polarlake upgrades its Integration Suite

Polarlake's Integration Suite 3.2 - which includes the PolarLake JIntegrator (The Universal Enterprise Service Bus), the PolarLake Database Integrator and the PolarLake Messaging Integrator, plus various PolarLake Adapters - adds:
  • Extended support for non-XML data including application formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Support for additional security mechanisms such as encryption / decryption, digital signatures and digital signature verification
  • Enhancements to the PolarLake development environment including graphical mapping between XML documents and EJBs and extended debugging and testing features

See Business Integration Online: PolarLake Releases the PolarLake Integration Suite V3.2.

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