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Lynton Research Digest - 7th January 2004

Bloor predicts utility computing and mySQL for 2004

Among a range of more or less unexciting predictions, Robin Bloor expects mySQL to be taken seriously against Oracle, DB2 and MS-SQL Server (just as Apache and Linux are serious contenders in their fields), and says utility computing will be unstoppable. See IT-Director: Predictions for 2004.

If mySQL is going to take off, EAI/ETL vendors should ensure that they support it effectively - as a source, target and/or metadata hub.

Tools vendors get together in JTC

The Java Tools Community, or JTC, is backed by several Java tool vendors working to link their frameworks in an effort to create an ecosystem of Java tool frameworks based on open standards. They want to align their efforts with standards going through the Java Community Program (JCP) such as JSR-198: A standard extension API for IDEs. JTC leaders include BEA, Oracle and Sun; noticeably absent, however, are IBM and Borland, which are major Java tool makers. It might seem to the suspicious that this is a "not Eclipse" grouping, but JTC members stressed the organization would complement the work of the IBM-led Eclipse open source Java tools initiative (which Sun certainly frowns on). Organizations such as SAP, Oracle and SAS participate in both the JTC and Eclipse. If there is a competitive target it is supposed to be Microsoft's .NET tools rather than Eclipse.

See InfoWorld: Java Tools Community formed. You can see more (including a link to the JTC website) at TheServerSide reports on Java Tools Community Press Conference.

Microsoft should buy BEA, says Yankee Group

In a report titled, "Why Microsoft Should Buy BEA Systems," Dana Gardiner, an analyst at The Yankee Group, said a combination of the two companies would "deliver powerful synergies, give the marketplace more choices for IT software and blunt the competitive threat facing Microsoft."

See CRN: Analyst Encourages Microsoft Acquisition of BEA.

I'm particularly looking forward to reading the bile and vitriol that this suggestion will inevitably stimulate in Java fora such as TheServerSide.

Oracle's manageable approach to grids

IT-Director's Peter Abrahams explains how Oracle claims a 90% reduction in management costs by simplifying installation and ongoing tuning of its software - allowing companies finally to benefit from the hardware cost reductions available from "Lintel" (Linux with Intel) architectures.

See Oracle 10g - stands for grid at a tenth of the price.

Oracle's market research showed where DBA time was being spent - they say - and so where it was worth putting in labour saving devices. This sort of survey can be very illuminating, given a decent customer base and a mature product (of course, it's much harder for startups).

webMethods ships Fabric

First announced in October 2003, webMethods Fabric, a standards-based, vendor-neutral Web services application management environment, is now shipping. Fabric is designed to enable the creation, deployment and management of Web services and the implementation of an Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (ESOA). webMethods claims that an ESOA "provides enterprise-class quality of service capabilities such as load-balancing, auto-discovery, distributed security and failover that are currently lacking in traditional Service-Oriented Architectures" (that's traditional architectures such as J2EE and .NET, by the way...).

See Web Services Journal: webMethods Fabric Becomes First Solution to Implement an ESOA and webMethods Fabric product page.

Winter Corp's Top Ten databases

All you ETL / Data Warehouse folks should look at the Winter Corporation 2003 TopTen Award Winners. Databases now can contain up to half a billion rows of data, and occupying up to 29,232 Gb. That's a hell of a lot to refresh - for Constellar folks: probably not suitable candidates for PLSQL transactions, however well parallelised!

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