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Preferisco Limited offers a range of application and product development services including:

Application/Product design and development

Specialising particularly in relational (Oracle, MySQL) database backends written using Java, Groovy and scripting languages like Python as well as database stored procedures; now also including NoSQL datastores such as MongoDB, Google Datastore and graph databases.

Performance Testing and Tuning

Application performance investigation and tuning, including individual SQL performance tuning, application redesign, and database instance tuning.

Data Integration, Migration and Quality

Batch and real time, one-time or continuous movement of data between systems - including database replication. Support for ETL, message-based, SOA and other integration techniques.

Application Support

Providing first or second line application support to customers; managing incident/defect cases and knowledgebases; implementing fixes and workarounds.

Technical Audit

Just as code deliverables should be proven using well designed tests, so too precursor artifacts such as application models (CASE, UML, XML Schema), application architectures, and system designs must be challenged by walkthroughs and inspections.

Even the sharpest Extreme Programmers, delivering well defined products under the watchful guidance of the best user, can discover that they are beautifully crafting the wrong thing. Incorrect or missing assumptions can completely undermine an otherwise well executed project.

Expert external technical audit planned in at key milestones in your project offers your team the best chance of recognizing and avoiding all sorts of potential pitfalls. The outsider looking in has a more detached perspective, and can very quickly separate the wood from the trees to identify both issues and solutions.

Document production and knowledge management

Using wikis both as an informal knowledge base, and as a single master source for formal documentation to be generated into print-ready and web formats

Product Management and Marketing

Competitive research and product positioning: growing out of the news digest came a developing appreciation of the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats offered to the market by vendors, products and technologies.

We can offer off-the-shelf or specifically tailored research and analysis to help your product architects, marketing and sales teams.

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